Thursday, 31 December 2009


I personally can't wait for 2010 to begin. 2009 hasn't been a particularly good year for me, but wow, have I learnt alot from it and in that way it's been so worth it. Looking forward though, this blogspot is a little light hearted with some great tips for New years resolutions, you have to make a few at least don't you? Come on, have some fun!

1. Listen to a favourite song EVERY day.
Music is capable of shifting moods, so pick a tune that you know will make you feel good for whatever reason. Why not make up a 'happy' play list on your Ipod, and the minute you start to feel anything but, blast it out wherever you are.

2. Eat good foods - that YOU like.
We all know (well you should do by now I've been banging on about it for long enough!Lol!) which foods are good for us, which are loaded with nutrients and which ones aren't but don't eat certain foods is you really don't like them. Eat foods that you really enjoy (80% healthy and 20% err... others) and you'll get more out of them. Life is too short to force foods down your throat that you don't like. Food should equal pleasure, and in turn equal energy.

3. Orgasm ..often!
Yes really, I'm serious. Orgasms release hormones which make you feel good (Guess you know this!) but not only that they can help regulate the systems in the body. A satisfying sex life can actually, apparently, add years to your life.

4. Maximise vitamins, minerals and particularly antioxidants which help fight cancer and keep the body running smoothly and illness free. Vitamin D is a particularly important one involved in mood boosting chemicals -most of it we get from the sun, so all year round we need to get outside to maximise this. If sunshine is lacking, and isn't it always in this country, then take a supplement.

5.Go out with your mates once a week.
I always make time for my girlfriends. Whatever mood I'm in before we meet I can guarantee we'll have such a giggle and I feel great for the rest of the day. It doesn't even have to involve alcohol!

6. Watch your favourite TV show.
Whilst I'm not an advocate of lounging infront of the TV all day, a little of what you fancy can do you the world of good, again lifting moods and generally relaxing you and cheering you up.

7.Make time for you - every day.
Having some 'me' time every day is essential, our lives are so busy now it's important to 'chillax' (don't you hate that word?!) and take a breather doing something that relaxes you- whether it's bathing,walking in the fresh air, talking to friends, painting, cooking - make some time.You will be rewarded.

8. Exercise.
This had to be in the top 10 didn't it? Working out in whatever form you enjoy releases feel good chemicals throughout the body which will benefit you enormously. If you're new to exercise try a brisk walk every day, even for ten minutes and gradually build it up. If you get bored easily mix it up - swim/row/skip/cycle/box/aerobics/weights, the options are endless. Your body will quickly feel better and look better, and this is another thing that'll
help you live longer with less illnesses and disease.

9. Eat breakfast.
You need to 'break the fast' after a nights sleep and get your metabolism going again, so eating a good healthy big breakfast is THE very best way to do it. Skipping breakfast will only make you want to eat whatevers handy later on in the morning, so plan it the night before and go for a protein and carb mix to keep blood sugars stable. Poached eggs on toast and porridge with coconut milk and berries and seeds are two great options. Have a drink 20 minutes before, try hot water and a slice of lemon to really get things shifting.

10. Have a day of rest!
It doesn't have to be Sunday but make sure that one day a week you rest to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Have a very happy New Years Eve and here's wishing you a healthy, fun filled,content, dis-ease and illness free 2010.
Lots of love.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Now I really don't want to come across as a party pooper with today's blog - but.............Christmas and New Year are really not an excuse to gorge on whatever you like and become a couch potato for a couple of weeks. Believe me if you do you WILL regret it come January 2010. (I shouldn't put people off because I'm usually stacked out work wise in Jan with people panicking to lose all the weight they piled on at Christmas!!)

Today's blog is just aimed at passing on a few simple tips, which you may or may not wish to take on board, to help you avoid having a wobbly tummy and a whole pile of lethargy and guilt come January.

Here goes :

Party time - don't stand near the nibbles! It's far more difficult to stuff your face if you're nowhere near the food.If you do wish to nibble try unsalted nuts, olives or satsumas and steer well clear of all those deep fried party packs that all the supermarkets are selling dirt cheap at the moment. The reason they're cheap is that they contain very FEW nutrients , and will leave you wanting more and more.

Never go to a party hungry!

Most people are going to sink a whole load more alcohol than they would normally, I think that's a given but if you can have a glass of water (yes, you read that correctly!) for every glass of alcohol a) you'll feel better the day after and b) you won't pile on so many pounds. Remember that any/all alcohol sits around the tummy area, and stops your body burning calories from other foods.

Watch your portion sizes. Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean that your stomach requires more to fill it, it really doesn't. Try drinking a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal, it'll fill you up a bit so you won't eat as much.

Christmas dinner itself doesn't have to be unhealthy. Turkey is a great lean meat full of goodness, as are all those wonderful winter veggies that go with it, sprouts especially. Eat these two foods first and then see if you have room for stuffing, roast potatoes, sausages wrapped in bacon and Yorkshire puddings etc!!

Little tip when making roast potatoes - make them larger! They absorb less fat.

Get outside - go for brisk walks, and take the whole family. It'll stop arguments over TV programmes, the kids can let off steam, and you'll work off some calories; killing lots of birds with one stone.

And last but not least if you are going to pig out, and most of us probably will - do it for just two DAYS and not two WEEKS!

Eat and drink consciously, and pace yourself.

ENJOY, have a fabulous time and I hope Santa is good to you. Thanks for reading my blog, there'll be more in the new year.