Thursday, 2 April 2015

Stop For A Minute...

Yesterday, whilst in Glastonbury for a few days we found a delightful place called The Chalice Well Gardens. A sanctuary where people drop their voices, slow their pace, take in the sights and smells, drink the clear spring water, and sit on the many benches to think, meditate and ultimately stop for a while.

We took part in the annual foot cleaning ceremony. It was about being in the now,  cleansing and releasing, and I found it a really spiritual experience. 

It occurred to me that it's actually an unusual thing during an ordinary day to stop and take a moment. Even if you attempt it there's usually a distraction of some kind; kids, noise, colleagues.. 

Does it take for us to be in a beautifully serene , peaceful place that is 'designated' for such behavior, like a church (  I always feel peaceful in churches) or peace gardens, meditation centre, yoga class... where it's seen as the right thing to do? We may make a choice to go to places such as this regularly, just to chill, relax and stop for a moment. That's fabulous and making it a routine works wonders!

My point, I guess, is that taking a minute , or more, out of each and every day can help calm  and clear our heads. It can help us make sense of our day, our lives, of challenges we may be facing. I always find, on a trip away, or holiday, that I re-find my creativity, and I know it's because I've stopped for a while; I've got 'off the bus'! 

So, how about we take a minute during our hectic days, wherever we are. At your desk, on a park bench, in a coffee shop, in the kitchen, on the bus... It doesn't matter. It's about being In The Moment, focussing on the here and now, just for a short while each day.

Block out everything around you, by closing your eyes and going inside. Smile, and relax your shoulders, release the frown on your forehead, let your hands/fingers go limp.  Let thoughts come and go, don't try to block them. Just BE. 

It really can give such clarity and the world seems a much better place. 

Do it today... And every day, because you really are worth it.