Monday, 8 December 2014

A Natural Cleaner

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from the environmental health people at Leeds City Council to say they were coming to inspect my kitchen! I had registered that I was making food for public consumption a few years ago, so was expecting them at some stage. The letter however threw me into a little panic. 
Not because my kitchen is anything other than immaculate most of the time, but the word 'inspection' is just so ... formal and intrusive sounding. 

I booked my lovely cleaner Marianne to come the day before just to make sure everything was as clean as a whistle, and waited impatiently the following morning, wanting to get it over. The fridge was in perfect order, the cooker was clean inside and out, pots and pans were where they should be, the sink was gleaming... You get the picture. 

The lady arrived, we sat and chatted over a herbal tea, and I relaxed. She wasn't here to catch me out, she was genuinely interested in what I was doing with my refined sugar free business, and during the conversation I almost forgot why she'd come. 

She didn't look in my fridge, or my cooker, or my cupboards for that matter. She was , however, keen to know what I cleaned my kitchen with. Ok, so I don't use chemicals if at all possible in my house, in bathrooms, kitchen, or on my skin, or in my body. When she asked to look in the cupboards under the sink I thought she might not approve of my all natural Lemon Myrtle antibacterial cleaner, bought from my local health food shop The Good Life. Although it claims to kill 99% of all germs it's quite clearly NOT Dettox! 

It is however antibacterial and anti fungal, eco responsible and bio degradeable. I was prepared for a long discussion on this product, given that it's far from mainstream, and I wasn't sure she would approve. 

How very wrong I was.. this fabulous product passed the test. The lady from the council she say "yeah" !! It has all the correct classifications on the packaging, that I wasn't aware of, and ultimately does what it says on the tin - WITHOUT using any nasty, synthetic chemicals that you may inhale, or may get through your porous skin into your precious body. 

So no need to worry, Lemon Mrytle will do the job, just as well as your supermarket chemical , mass produced cleaners. It may be slightly more expensive but isn't your health worth it?! 

Oh I forgot to say : it smells delicious! 

Have a great , healthy,day.