Tuesday, 23 February 2010


How many of you want to release some weight? I say release rather than lose because if you lose something you can always find it again!!

I'd say most all of my clients without fail (with one male exception) have at some stage , mostly ongoing, wanted to shed some pounds.

Today's blog looks at how you can do this - yes really! I've just watched a video by an Australian lady called Natalie,on the Four Steps To Success, and it appears to be one of the most simplest, effective ways of getting what you want/where you want to be. So, I want to share these steps with you. They don't just apply to releasing weight but to every aspect of your life where you'd like to achieve success.

Wow! I'm inspired and I've been on plenty of goal setting courses in my time.

Be very clear about what you want!

Commit to paper what it is you want to achieve,lots of POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS, and always write it in the present tense IE. I am a size x, I enjoy exercising every day, I love and respect my body, I use my body in the way it was designed, I eat a healthy, fulfilling diet, I can easily maintain my clothes size.

Carry copies of this list everywhere with you. Stick it up on the fridge, in the car, in the bathroom, in your bedroom. Everywhere.

Make a vision board!

Spend some time using drawings,photographs, pictures from magazines, diagrams, to make up a vision board of your goals IE. healthy food, healthy looking people doing exercise, the outdoors, mountain bikes, athletes, water etc. This brings the whole thing to life, and often is more effective than the written word. Again make copies to put in various places around the house.

Step out of your comfort zone - this is a necessity if you are to achieve success. You'll soon get used to it!
Step up your exercise, book a health assessment, book a personal trainer, go swimming, clean out your food cupboards, join a gym, check out your local exercise classes and join, ask a friend to run/cycle with you, write a food diary each day so you are eating consciously,read health and fitness books and magazines, google tips on the Internet, ask friends who have already succeeded.

Be a manifesting magnet!

Before you go to bed write down five things you are grateful for in your life, make at least two of them something to do with releasing weight. These will sink into your subconscious mind during the night. In the morning review them.

Discuss with your partner or a close friend or colleague what your life WILL be like when you have achieved your goal weight. This will keep you vibrating at a high level, and so make you a manifesting magnet!

Sounds pretty straight forward doesn't it, so lets go. I'm busy doing it for my new business venture, and am really excited already.
if you'd like to take a look at some of Natalies videos, and they are well worth watching go to http://www.mindmovies.com.

Good luck and keep me posted.
As always if you need assistance with your food, diet and exercise plans contact me, and I'll be more than happy to assist.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

KitKats and bananas

Apparently you will be relieved to hear that Gordon Brown has stopped eating KitKats! This is with a view to looking 'radiant' for the forthcoming General Election! The mind boggles!

He has in fact replaced them with nine bananas a day. My God! His stomach must be wondering what the hell happened. He's also apparently taken up jogging. Is this all admirable stuff or has the PM lost the plot?

Well stopping eating KitKats is a good thing, IF he was doing it to excess (processed, refined, full of sugar, and unhealthy fats leading to blood sugar spikes, cravings, weight gain, sugar dependency.......... ).

Eating nine bananas is not so good, as this (still) only counts as one portion of fruit a day (you have to be eating different fruit to get the numbers up), and as they are rather carbohydrate heavy and full of fibre they will most probably give him the most terrible stomach ache.

One banana a day is great as part of the five recommended portions of fruit and vegetables for the following reasons :

- they are full of potassium, which we are often lacking in due to the large amounts of sodium we consume (mainly through processed foods).

- they're high in iron to fight anaemia

- they contain fibre which helps keep the body regular

- they are a natural unprocessed food

-they contain vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C

However, nine bananas - could anyone even contemplate eating this number? - is way too many! That's a heck of a lot of fibre for his digestive system to deal with. Likely to result in a very 'dodgy' tummy to say the least. Not sure I'd want to be sitting next to him for too long!

A better way to go would be to ask his staff to leave him a variety of fruit on his fruit bowl, a rainbow of colours/different types would count towards his five a day (some of these should be vegetables actually), and I'd say he'd be more likely to stick to this regime if he was eating a varied diet instead of a banana diet.

Fruit is best consumed with a small portion of protein to balance blood sugar, so maybe he could add nuts and seeds to his fruit snack. Fruit alone, depending on the type chosen can be converted quickly to sugar by the body, and lead to a spike in blood sugar and then a crash. This crash may leave him reaching for the Kitkats once again and he doesn't want to go there that's for sure!!

Think the moral of the story is BALANCE - we all need to eat a wide variety of foods in moderation. Apparently we tend to rely on a list as small as twelve foods as our staple diet. No wonder the body gets bored and doesn't react in the way we wish it would. Time to shake things up and provide a bit of creativity!

Come to me for some cookery sessions and take a look at the fabulously healthy and tasty food options we can create.

The fact that Gordon Brown has taken up jogging is good news, as long as he's building it up gradually - diet goes a long way to making us healthy but exercise as well,really gets things moving along.

I wish him luck, and hope that someone close to him soon recommends that the banana thing should cease. Wonder who came up with the idea in the first place?