Friday, 29 October 2010

Multi Tasking but Under Achieving..................

I don't know about you but I feel as if I've been chasing my tail recently, and not really achieving much at all. At least not where I need to anyway!!

I feel like I'm juggling heaps of balls in the air, all at once, and am waking up at 4am worrying as to how they're all going to stay up!

Washing, ironing, looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning, business building, servicing existing clients and keeping them happy, taking and picking up dry cleaning, stroking my cats!(they're very demanding),buying, wrapping and delivering birthday presents, seeing my mother!, meeting up with friends, exercising,phone calls, face book!,enjoying long hot bubble baths,walking in the fresh air, and as for sex................!!


Can't go on like this! Not and stay sane anyway, but how do we all survive - life is so, so busy and there's no let up. That is unless you work it into your schedule.

So I've has a big chat with myself and am making some major changes. This all came about when I was away at Lego land with my boys last weekend. The change of scene was great for clearing my head, and for just 'being in the now' instead of all the time trying to think ahead and not appreciating what I'm doing half the time.

My 'Me Time' has been pretty non existent of late and it makes me grumpy. And ask anyone who knows me, grumpy me is not good! My exercise regime has been sadly lacking (other than working out with clients) and I love the feel good endorphins I get from pushing my body so much that I'm missing it terribly.

So from now on I'm going to be anal and plan my weeks every Sunday night so that all the important things are blocked off time wise NOT to be moved.I've been advised to have a maximum of eight things a day on my 'To Do List' (I usually have several dotted about the house, some are pages long!)so that it looks less daunting and more importantly is very achievable. This is turn gives satisfaction - I love ticking them off!

So the plan is in place and I'm determined to keep it that way. Wish me luck.