Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What Are We Breathing In?

Who out there is going to own up to having a cleaning cupboard full of a whole host of products, all claiming to do the best job of cleaning a specific area of your house?! Well, you could be damaging your health with these. The Daily Express carried an article today, on a link between household cleaners and breast cancer, including air fresheners and insect repellent.

Not really a big surprise given that the majority (unless stated otherwise) contain man made chemicals which when you're cleaning you're breathing in, and probably getting on your skin, which is porous. It's claimed that the inside of our houses are even more toxic than the air we're breathing outside, which is just a little worrying!

Sherry Rogers an American MD wrote a book which I've blogged about before on several occasions entitled DETOXIFY OR DIE, in which she demonstrates how important it is that we understand the role that toxins, both from the outside world and produced inside our bodies, have on the origin of complex illnesses.

When we ingest toxins in any way shape or form our bodies see them as enemies, and don't know what to do with them. We waste very valuable nutrients attempting to 'disarm' them, and even then they can end up being dumped inside the body usually in our soft tissue - think breasts/testicles amongst others. Long term 'dumping' becomes cumulative and surprise, surprise we get dis-ease within us, and our systems start to break down.

Detoxify Or Die is a scary read and so not for the faint hearted, alot of people prefer to remain ignorant and deal with the consequences as and when they arise!

I for one would rather not be accumulating toxins within me if at all avoidable which is one of the reasons why I use natural cleaning products. How easy is it to make this change? and if it's not for you how do you feel about your children breathing in obnoxious chemicals designed to make your home look and smell nice?

There are many,many ways to avoid chemical cleaners not least of which by using totally natural cleaning ingredients such as lemon juice and baking powder, both of which can give the same effect as Mr Sheen/Mr Muscle etc. etc. without the nasties!

My cleaning cupboard consists of one main cleaning product - Forever Living Products MPD (Multi Purpose Detergent). I use it to wash my dishes, I use it to wash my clothes, I use it to shine my taps, I use it to wash my wooden floors, I use it to wipe down the table and work tops, I use it to get stains out of the carpet, I use it in my bathroom to clean the shower, I use it in my bathroom to clean my tiles, I use it to clean inside my car ..............am I boring you yet???!!!

Basically it does everything;I don't need a window cleaner, a tile shiner, washing powder, washing up liquid, shower-spray, a wooden floor foamwash etc.etc.

So not only does it save me money (one bottle lasts approx a month), it saves me cupboard space - but the biggest deal here is that's it's TOTALLY NATURAL, NO CHEMICALS, NO TOXINS TO BREATHE IN FOR ME, OR MY KIDS, OR MY PETS.

I also use tea tree oil as a cleaner because it smells amazingly fresh! Again no chemicals.

Do yourself, your kids, and your pets a MASSIVE FAVOUR - ditch ALL your chemical cleaners and make the change to use natural products only.

I can order MPD for you from Forever Living Products, and let you sample other products in their range (natural -household, beauty and nutritional). Make the change for the better today; what do you have to lose?

MPD can also be used on your pets; its ideal for cleaning horses stables and washing the animals down themselves for example.

Hope you enjoyed the read, and it's opened your eyes a little. Have a think about who is gaining from the hundreds of cleaning products lining the supermarket shelves?!