Monday, 3 January 2011


Have you, like me, over done things abit this Christmas and New Year? Are you now feeling sluggish, a little guilty, lacking in vitality, uncomfortable in your clothes, and don't have that positive energy you so want to start a new year with?

Forever Living Products have the perfect plan to get us all back on track. It lasts just over a week and is best described as a nutritional cleansing programme. Done over a nine day period, its name is simply :'Clean 9'.

Over the course of the nine days your body is encouraged to release weight and with unnecessary weight comes nasty chemicals that we can store in our fat. If you need a boost to point you in the direction of health and vitality for 2011 this could be just the vehicle to get you there.

Clean 9 combines supplements with aloe vera drinking gel and meal replacement shakes - plus real, clean, unprocessed meals. The tried and tested combination means that MANY PEOPLE report significant weight loss at the end of nine days, and there is not a chemical or a gimmic in sight.

A client of mine recently took part in Clean 9, and after finding the first two days pretty tough, slipped into the routine for the next seven days,lost a staggering 10lbs in weight and DID NOT pile them back on afterwards. He thoroughly enjoyed the diet combination and plans to do it again to release his Christmas excess starting next week.

I've done the Clean 9 programme once already too, last year, and found the meal replacement shakes delicious (I use them as protein shakes after exercise now as unlike most products of this nature they contain no nasty chemicals); and I'm about to do it again to help me start the year feeling my very best.

Full guidance is given, and Clean 9 comes with a journal for you to record your progress. This for me was the key thing that kept me on track; it makes you fully accountable.

So who needs a boost? Who could do with getting rid of the after effects of too many mince pies, nibbles, glasses of bubbly and Roses chocolates?

Clean 9 could be just what you need. For more information - message or call me.
We could do it together.