Sunday, 21 November 2010

Attitude Is Everything!

One of my dear friends has just recently made a life changing decision to 'up his game'.He had a big chat with himself and has changed his attitude overnight! Amazing and admirable.

I truly believe that if you change your attitude you can change your life. When we're children we all have amazing dreams for the future and they're encouraged! My eldest son wants to be a wildlife photographer and fly around the world taking photos out of helicopters.Fantastic;I'm with him all the way!

As we get older,however, and ground down by daily life, it becomes increasingly difficult to hang on to these dreams.

If you've lost sight of yours, reading today's blog tips to help you give your attitude a positivity boost may help you to find them.

1. Think I CAN,I CAN

2. Count your blessings - have an attitude of gratitude

3. See possibilities, not limitations

4. Look for the good in others

5. Play an uplifting, positive movie in your mind

6. Release rejection from others - let it go through you quickly and move on

7. Don't hold on to negative energy . It serves no purpose and has no place inside of you

8. View problems as challenges to be overcome

9. Change your language . Your wording is accepted unconditionally by your subconscious mind and acted upon

10. Use positive affirmations and self talk as often as possible

11. Associate with positive, nourishing people who make you feel good, and lift you. People who are inspirational, motivated and have aspirations. Not the negative, toxic people who will drag you down

12.Consciously choose words that will point you in the direction of your goals

13. Speak positively about your: finances, career, relationships, and health; you will be rewarded

14. When someone asks you how you are, say Great! Fantastic!. Even if you're not

15. Make positive thinking a habit. Use tools to help you - read books, listen to Cd's, watch DVDS. A habit only takes 21 days to form

16.Choose your attitude at the beginning of each day. We all have the power of choice

17. Do some goal mapping - make a collage, put it up on the wall/carry it around with you; make them real

18. SMILE - always

19. Take care of your appearance - it DOES make a massive difference to how you'll feel

20. Stand tall, good posture really helps


For inspirational books and CDs I love the following authors :
Jim Rohn,
Jeff Keller
Louise Hay
Zig Ziglar
Big Al Schreiber
Paul Chek

I've just read Attitude Is Everything, by Jeff Keller,
Have a great day.