Friday, 27 February 2009


Having said all that yesterday about diabetes, I realise that none of us are perfect and we all like the sweeter things in life every now and again. I'm not a saint either, and dark chocolate is my downfall - Green and Blacks, Seeds Of Change, you name it I looooooooooove it with a passion. But I limit it, and I try to eat it with protein so it doesn't spike my blood sugar and mess with my insulin levels.

Most of the time, I'm in control and this works.

What do you do if you fancy a dessert after a meal though? Can you still indulge in the odd sweet treat which somehow feels right after something savoury. I blame my mum, she is the most fabulous cook and always made us puddings at home, so now my subconcious says "ok where is it", as soon as I've had my main meal!

Most of the time I fight it and move swiftly on to other things, keeping myself busy enough to forget pudding. But on the odd occasion I let my mind win I have a couple of options that I consider well tasty, and sweet, but overall still healthy.

The first one is chocolate mousse.
A friend and I had fun making this the other night after dinner. All we had was a bar of Green and Blacks dark chocolate, 70% cocoa, and some eggs in the fridge(full fat organic double cream would have been lovely as we're both protein types but we didn't have any and the garage over the road only sold Elmlea - don't ever go down that route, it contains hydrogenated fat!)

So, we whisked up the egg whites, melted the chocolate and poured the egg yolks and the frothy stuff into the chocolate, mixed it about abit, put it into a dessert dish in the fridge to set. It was delicious, and the sugar limited. And no hydrogenated fats in sight. Hurray! Result. Have a look at all the ingredients contained in the chocolate mousses you can buy in the supermarkets - you can guarantee there'll be more than two and some of them will be non nutrient foods.

The higher the percentage of cocoa contained in the chocolate, the lower the sugar levels. Organic is worth buying to avoid any nasties!

Yesterday, I was home alone and knew I'd fancy something sweet after lunch, so I put a banana in the freezer (peeled in a bag) and left it for a couple of hours. When it was frozen I put it into my super duper juicer (every home should have one) along with some raspberries, some cinnamon, some coconut milk,and a spoonful of organic cocoa powder and whizzed it up for 30 seconds or so. Hey presto, home made (soft) ice cream that tasted delicious, and with no processed sugars in it.

Try it, make it up as you go along depending on what you've got in the fridge at the time, use other berries, mango, yoghurt, milk, vanilla extract, agave syrup etc.

Today's Tip : You don't have to feel deprived not eating junky CRAP foods, but rather delighted that your body is receiving the best you can give it.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


So diabetes has hit the headlines as an epidemic and a major resource drain to the NHS! Well, what a surprise on both counts!

Type 2 diabetes (or often called adult onset) is a relatively new disease - and guess what causes it? Poor diet and a lack of exercise resulting in the body becoming resistant to insulin, the substance that controls our blood sugar levels, and usually becoming overweight.

When you stuff your face with sugary foods/carbs your body struggles to deal with it effectively and long term diabetes can occur.

Apparently there has been a 74% rise in new cases over the last six years in this country, and surprise, surprise (sorry I have little patience with all of this!) 80% of Type 2 sufferers are OVERWEIGHT and so need help with weight management, nutritional and dietary advice, and exercise.

It's not rocket science how we got to this stage, or how this disease could be prevented and it's about time the government started a major programme into getting our food industry sorted out, especially as the NHS is struggling big time. The multi national food corporations making foods such as breakfast cereals (see earlier angry blog) are happy and able to promote their products as healthy and nutritious despite many of them being almost half full of nasty sugary substances which help cause diabetes in the first place.

If we didn't fill ourselves up on junk foods that consist of carbs = sugars then our blood sugar levels wouldn't be all over the place and insulin production/dispersion within our body's would be normal and (type 2)diabetes wouldn't occur.

The best way to prevent obesity, diabetes and other nasty and unnecessary illnesses is to eat a healthy diet focussing on LOW GLYCAEMIC INDEX foods. These are foods which will keep blood sugars stable and no surprise that most of these foods are the 'goodies' out there, such as unprocessed unrefined carbohydrates, pulses and fruit and vegetables. (Worth reading some of the stuff Patrick Holford writes on Low GL stuff - he has several books out on the subject. Google him for more info. He's a bit controversial at the minute but I like him. I've attended his weekend work shops and several seminars and learnt lots. The guy speaks sense, again it's not rocket science).

Metabolic Typing (see lots of earlier blogs or email me for more details) gives you a food list that is right for your type and if this is cross referenced with a low GL food listing then you're on to a winner.

Today's Tip : Look after your blood sugar starting today!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I was sitting with my children eating tea yesterday, and my five year old Nat said "Mummy, why do you make us eat so much green stuff". So, I sat down with the three of them and tried to explain the benefits of ANTIOXIDANTS and PHYTONUTRIENTS!!

Here's a blog on them which is a little more complex than the explanation they got!
What are they? Antioxidant nutrients include various vitamins such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and Vitamin E, minerals such as selenium, and phytonutrients. They are found predominantly in fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and pulses.

What do they do? ANTIOXIDANTS help to fight FREE RADICALS, the destructive little things produced in the body all the time as part of the cell processes.In small numbers they are fine but if they continue to multiply can cause health problems from heart disease to cancer. FREE RADICALS can also be produced by things like pollution, cigarette smoke, stress and intense exercise.

ANTIOXIDANTS are able to disarm FREE RADICALS, and neutralise them preventing them from harming us, which is why a diet rich in the above foods is so necessary. Particularly if you are involved in intense exercise, or are crazy enough to still be smoking?!

The ORAC score has been put together by scientists to show the ANTIOXIDANT power of fruit and vegetables, and if these foods are eaten regularly will significantly raise the ANTIOXIDANTS in your blood. An example of the ORAC score table is this :

Blueberries 2,400 Kale 1,770
Blackberries 2,036 Spinach 1,260
Strawberries 1,540 Brussel Sprouts 980
Raspberries 1,220 Brocolli 890

So mix it up and eat your fruit and vegetables daily - according to your Metabolic Type* of course (despite kale and broccoli being high they are not good foods for me, I eat lots of spinach, green beans and mushrooms).

These guys are worth talking about by themselves as they are pretty powerful in lots of ways.
What are they? They are plant compounds that have some great health benefits. They include plant pigments, think deeply coloured fruit and vegetables, and plant hormones, found in grains, pulses and herbs (and soya products but be careful with soy, most of it is GMO - will blog about this another day).

PHYTONUTRIENTS have many roles, these are some of them :
fighting cancer, reducing inflammation, combatting FREE RADICALS (they are also ANTIOXIDANTS as mentioned above), reducing heart disease risk, boosting the immune system, helping to balance the bacteria in the gut, and also fighting harmful bacteria and viruses.

The best sources are those fruit and vegetables with deep colour,and it's best to eat a variation of these each day according to your Metabolic Type*. The colours relate to different PHYTONUTRIENTS and the more intense the colour the more PHYTONUTRIENTS you'll get into your body.

Green foods = lots of magnesium, iron and chlorophyll - great ANTIOXIDANTS.
Orange and yellow foods = rich in betacarotene, and other carotenoids which are powerful ANTIOXIDANTS and can help to maintain youthful looks (carrots, apricots and mangoes)!
Red food ie. tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a type of carotenoid, which has lots of publicity in helping with the male prostate. It's also better to cook the tomatoes as this releases greater amounts.
Purple/red foods - plums,cherries,red grapes,blackberries - are very powerful at fighting FREE RADICALS. Their colour comes from anthocyanins.
White foods - apples, pears, cauliflower - contain flavonols, which protect against heart disease and cancer.

So, in summary, is there any reason whatsoever why you wouldn't want to include a few handfuls of these guys in your diet ona daily basis? Think about it - if you don't get several portions of fruit and vegetables every day, your body is having to fight extremely hard against the free radicals which as mentioned above are unavoidable.

I explain to my kids that if they eat their fruit and veg (and believe me it's an upward struggle alot of the time) that the little army of tiny men in their body's (the ANTIOXIDANTS) will have plenty of ammunition to fight off the bad guys (FREE RADICALS) trying to invade. They seem to understand that concept!

* I know I keep banging on about Metabolic Typing but if you're struggling with weight, or have foods that don't agree with you, or have recurrent energy slumps, trouble sleeping, or digestive problems (to name but a few) it could really help you, and it is so straight forward to do. An online questionnaire, results back to me within 48 hours and off we go from there.

TODAY'S TIP : Lets get some colour on those plates!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Totally Ridiculous Xercise

Chris says I'm a marketing mans dream (he is one, how funny!) and definitely thought so when I purchased a new exercise kit after seeing an advertisement and an article in a fitness magazine.

It's called the TRX System, and I bought it about eight months ago and I love it. It is totally awesome!!

TRX actually stands for Total Resistance Exercise, but it looks so bizarre that the other title somehow seems more apt. Anyway, I did wonder when I sent for it whether it was just the latest gimmick but as always wanting to keep up with whats 'hot' and do the best for my clients I needed to try it.

And after researching it found out that it is serious homegym equipment, and was developed by Navy Seals to train their recruits. It's now used by all kinds of people from trainers to serious athletes who wish you improve specifically for their specialised sport(climbers,golfers etc.). Alot of the gyms in America are also using the TRX for classes so anyone gets to have a go.

Basically it's a suspension training system that comprises very, very, very strong straps which are attached to either a strong door, a tree, goal posts etc.You hook your feet/hands depending on the exercise through the straps and create resistance.

You need a six feet wide, and eight foot long area to train - check this out first it's important. Oh and by the way, when using it on the back of the door it's wise to let other family members know! One of my kids opened the door when I was doing a set of push ups and nearly catapulted me through the window!

A twenty to thirty minute circuit programme will work all the muscles of the body and I will guarantee you'll be well sweaty and in desperate need of water by the end of it. It's challenging, it's tough and they're all multiplane exercises which use multiple muscles and joints simultaneously.

You control the resistance yourself and so the level of difficulty by simply shifting the position of your body so it really is suitable for everyone.

And it's so versatile, it packs up into a small bag, and off you go!

TODAY'S TIP : Don't get stuck in a rut, try something new today. Call me and I'll take you through a TRX workout. I guarantee you'll know you've worked out.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Multi Tasking

One of my mates was in the gym on Monday night, watching me on the Tonight programme (I was having my mercury fillings removed!) on a million TV screens placed in front of the cardio machines to relieve the boredom. Some other members were no doubt catching up on some texting, or reading a newspaper or a book or their emails on their I Phone. Whatever they were doing were they concentrating on putting 100% effort into their exercise?! Were they working hard? Were they breaking sweat?

Chances are they weren't. This is a familiar sight in gyms up and down the country, and I apologise if this doesn't apply and you work your socks off doing cardio, but most people don't.

Most people do 'steady state cardio'.Which is more than likely why their body's don't change shape and they don't feel any fitter.

Sure, if you're a beginner to exercise you need to start off at a low intensity, walkings great, and progress gradually but to see real results and burn that fat when you've been exercising a while the best way to get results is through HIGH INTENSITY EXERCISE.

Basically what this means is changing the pace, resistance or movement a few times during your workout. It means working your body (and your mind) hard, very hard so it's not for the faint hearted, but do it regularly and you'll release some pounds.

As long as you're eating right that is. All this goes out of the window if you're busy stuffing your face with CRAP foods (see previous blogs for details) because as I'm always banging on about, nutrition is 80% the way to a healthy and fit body. Get yourself Metabolic Typed for best results.

The best thing about HIGH INTENSITY EXERCISE is that you can blast it out in a short time, rather than spending hours pounding away at the steady state stuff and it's still way more effective. And - yes there's more - because intervals boost your metabolism you'll be burning calories for the rest of the day too, whatever you're doing! (as long as you're not in Mcdonalds - bah!)

Try this, you'll need 12 minutes, that's all:
Warm up with a gentle jog for four minutes.
Sprint for 10 seconds, walk for 20 seconds, sprint for 10 seconds - repeat this for four minutes.
Cool down with a gentle jog for four minutes.
You should be pretty tired at the end of this!
(or swim it, or cycle it, or cross train it)

You can also do intervals using bodyweight exercises, machine weights in the gym and free weights and other bits of equipment (TRX - more on this in another blog, bosu ball, stability ball etc)- get creative! Change your movements, vary the weights, make a little circuit for a few minutes and repeat.

Example : squats/press ups/dead lifts/tricep dips/plank.Do each of these for a minute, rest and repeat. Put your heart and soul into it for ten minutes and you can reap the benefits, if done regularly. And there are so many variations, you need never, ever get bored.

By the way,don't forget to stretch afterwards.

Be consistent, try cardio intervals twice a week and resistance intervals four times a week - that still gives you one day off - and see how your body benefits.Total time exercised = 60 minutes. Think we can ALL spare that don't you?!

(By the way, if you're training to run a marathon you have no option but to do the steady state stuff - if this is you, you have all the luck in the world from me!)

TODAY'S TIP : Schedule exercise into your busy day, you owe it to yourself.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Chatting to a friend yesterday about the best things you can do for your health starting tomorrow.Here's a really quick blog with my suggestions :


1.Sleep well, let your body rest and repair itself - go to bed between 10 - 10.30pm at least five nights a week.

2.Do three times high intensity workouts each week - no shirking, these need to be scheduled in to your working day as VERY IMPORTANT, CAN'T BE MISSED AT ANY COST.

3.Eat well, according to your Metabolic Type - read previous blog posts or contact me for further details.

4.To eat well, you need to PLAN well. Sit down at the weekend and plan a weeks worth of meals (sounds boring but try it for a week) and prepare meals in advance whenever possible. Don't rely on the works canteen or the local coffee shop, you'll deviate from your ideal food, it's guaranteed.

5.Keep moving on your 'rest' days - go for a brisk fifteen minute walk; keep active.

6.Get out in the fresh air every day, get some Vitamin D into your body. Best time to do this is between 11am and 2pm.

7.Keep a journal - see last weeks blog on journal writing. It'll help you stay on track.

8.Eliminate negative thoughts - if they pop into your head replace them with a positive one. this may take a while but is so worth it.

9.SMILE! See lovely poem from earlier blog. It works!

10. Take me on as YOUR Holistic Lifestyle Coach today - we'll see great results together.

TODAY'S TIP : Your health is of vital importance.Look after it.


A friend sent me this yesterday and I have to share it with you, because it's just fab!

Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.

I passed around a corner, and someone saw my grin,
When he smiled I realised I'd passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile, then realised its worth,
A single smile just like mine, could travel round the earth.

So if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected,
Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected.

TODAY'S TIP : SMILE; bet the person you smile at can't help but smile back at you!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

They're having a laugh...........

Every Friday in our house we have 'eat what you like day'. My three kids are allowed to choose what they have for breakfast, what goes in their lunchboxes for school, and then it's always pizza for tea from our local take away. This is me working to the 80/20 rule!

For breakfast they always choose cereal, usually the ones sold in attractive (to kids!) colourful,little boxes and with all the goodness of cardboard (and that's doing cardboard a disservice) in them.

But, they love them because they're full of guessed it,sugar! Children just love sugar and seem to be able to sniff it our from a very long way away.

So I thought I'd have a little look at the packets of these delicious morsels my children go to school full of (one day a week I hasten to add!) and lo and behold NON NUTRIENT foods they most definitely are, and if I had my way they'd all be banned!(me = bah humbug, my husband thinks).

According to the government guidelines any cereal which has a sugar content of over 10% is classed as 'high in sugar' (check out and guess what? Every single one of the boxes I looked at has well more than 10% sugar content.

Example :
Cocoa Pops = 39% sugar
Sugar Puffs = 49% sugar
Nestle Monsters = 35% sugar
Frosties = 40% sugar
Cheerios = 35% sugar
Golden Nuggets = 34% sugar

Yet these cereals are being advertised as the best way for our children to start the day, full of wholegrain goodness, no artificial additives etc. etc. What the manufacturers (and yes they are totally manufactured - nothing natural about these babies) are forgetting to tell us and our kids is that these products are simply simple carbohydrates = sugar.

CRAP foods - the P standing for processed and that's what these cereals are. By the time they are hitting the stomachs of our prescious little ones there is very, very, very, very little, if any, goodness in them whatsoever.Yet how many million kids start their school day full of them and are expected to concentrate and participate until lunchtime at school on this 'energy food'??

They're having a laugh, Kellogs,Nestle etc.(all the way to the bank) and so are we, as parents, if we think our children will learn to their maximum capability (don't get me wrong I am not a pushy parent but school is there for a reason) and get the most out of school on a bowl of sugary cereal with a bit of milk on top.

What these NON NUTRIENT foods will do is spike their blood sugar, for instant 'hyper' energy, and then drop it from a great height a short while later leaving them craving more/lacking decent energy and brain power to learn.

The cereal I found to be the least sugary is Whole Earths Honey Oaty Pillows with (just) 21% sugar, but you've guessed it - my kids don't like it. It's not sweet enough!!

Good God, what the hell (excuse my language but I'm in a rage about this stuff) is wrong with wholemeal toast, eggs, porridge -sweetened with sugar, if you must but just a little, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, home made muesli etc. etc.

Think about it for your kids sake. Limit them to one day a week. And if it's you that's eating this rubbish, shame on you.

TODAY'S TIP : Stay conscious over food choices. You are what you eat. You are what you digest.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Muscle Weighs More Than Fat - yeah right, how can that be?!

This phrase is soooooo overused and is actually a physical impossibility.

If you put a pound of muscle on the scales, and then a pound of fat on the scales, guess what? They'd both weigh a pound! Dur!

However,there is a difference in the total volume of each of them. One pound of muscle could look like the size of a tennis ball, whereas one pound of fat may look much bigger - maybe three times bigger.

This is because muscle fibres are denser than fat - not heavier.

So what would you prefer lots of in your body, wobbly fat or firm, dense muscle? Bit of a no-brainer really, so GET MOVING and shift some of the lardy stuff for good.

TODAY'S TIP : If you do nothing more each day than a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes you WILL improve your fitness levels and help shift fat depending on your diet. Or try running/walking up and down stairs for ten minutes, it's a killer!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


To keep you on track with your health and fitness and particularly your nutrition, (which as I've blogged about before gets you 80% of the way to health if it's right) it's well worth keeping a journal.

I went to Paperchase recently, sellers of the most beautiful writing pads and journals on the planet, and bought several. I figured if they're pretty and stylish and luxurious I'm more likely to want to keep writing in them than I would on a scabby bit of lined paper!

Anyway, since New Year I've been keeping up with all sorts about my life. I view everything I do as an experiment and so worth recording, from the food I eat, the liquids I consume, the exercise I do, the thoughts I have, (both positive and negative), my goals, and the good and bad stuff that happens to me.

If I have a bad day with my food and my digestive system reacts to it, if it's recorded I'm less likely to repeat the same mistakes - that's the theory and so far it's working.

We need to keep adjusting everything and changing the variables to get the outcome we want. And we'll all have bad days and good days to learn from but lets not beat ourselves up over a bad day - use it to learn from.

Apparently the definition of stupidity is to keep repeating things that give you a negative outcome. Makes sense!?

I read a lovely thing in a magazine article the other day suggesting we keep a 'Book Of Abundance' and in it write down all the good things that happen to you from chatting and laughing with a friend, to a man tipping his hat and saying Happy New Year (happened to me and it made my day!) When you're feeling down open it up and have a read. Life really isn't that bad is it?!

TODAY'S TIP : Try it.Write it all down. It works for me.


I have several clients at the moment who seem to be suffering with bad backs for one reason or another. So, i've been doing some research and apparently one in three adults in this country suffer from some form of back pain every day. That's high, and back pain is horribly debilitating.

Chances are there's some muscle imbalances going on, and in particular a weak core area. When core stability is increased it protects your lower back from injury but not only that, it will improve your sports performance.

Your core is involved in what ever sport or exercise you choose to take part in,or most movements for that matter, but because so many of us do so much sitting every day, muscles become out of balance and are weakened. Particularly the core and the gluteals.

Core training is such an important part of keeping fit and staying healthy, and the exercises chosen will determine how your body adapts to the exercise. If your spine is stable and solid it's so much easier for your body to move in all planes of movement, and function optimally.

And ease of movement is the way forward........

For those who are interested, the core comprises the following major muscles which need to be worked to stay in tip top condition : Rectus abdominus (six pack), erector spinae (back), internal and external obliques (sides) quadratus lomborum, iliopsoas and transverse abdominus. Oh, and mustn't forget the diaphragm and pelvic floor (often weakened when we have children).Lots of them, hey!

It's important as a personal trainer to assist clients in training their 'abs' in the right way, from the word go. Activation of the TVA has to be learnt to ensure no 'popping' occurs, ie pushing out rather than pulling inwards.

An exercise called the 'Four Point Tummy Vacuum' is great for beginners. Done on all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips you envisage pulling in your abs from your pelvic floor upwards in four small movements, and then slowly releasing. Breath out as you suck in and in as you release.Practice lots to get the hang of it. the beauty of this exercise is that no pressure is placed on your back. Great for stabilising the spine.

The plank is also a great overall core exercise and lots of fun, there are many many versions of this (with one leg, with wobble boards/stability boards/bosu balls etc.)and when I get round to working out how to put videos on to Youtube, I'll demonstrate some of them! (Matt Clough if you're reading - help!).

To do the basic one, lie on the floor on your front, feet and knees together, on elbows, lift the trunk and knees off the floor and maintain position with a neutral spine and head for as long as possible. Suck that tummy in and hold it......but keep breathing.

Ben, my son has just timed me and I did a three minute plank - I think that's ok?! but I have just done an hours work out, so could do better. One of my clients is up to a minute and a half so I better get practicing!

Both of these exercises are great for core training, and if you have back problems they'll help re train your core muscles to keep your lower back stable.

They both focus on stability so there's little movement around the spine. Your lower back stays solid, and doesn't move. These exercises can be done by beginners and the more advanced, they will improve sports performance.

Having mastered core stability you can then progress to core strength and then core power exercises but getting the basics right is KEY. Having core stability will help you in all areas of your life from picking up children, to reaching up to kitchen cupboards to washing the car, leaving you LESS likely to get injured.

So off you go!

TODAY'S TIP : Focus on what you want out of life, visualise it, feel it, smell it, taste it and go for it........Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway!

Sunday, 8 February 2009


I'm attempting to 'walk the walk' and 'talk the talk' of a Holistic Lifestyle Coach at the moment by getting to bed on time.For lots of reasons I've got a little out of synch over the past few weeks and need to get a I have precisely twenty three minutes to write todays blog before retiring for the night, and I can't wait.

Sleep is KEY to a healthy mind and body. Scrimp on it and you may find you're suffering from lots of minor health ailments from headaches and brain fog to frequent colds and sore throats.

Sleep along with nutrition and exercise is a basic human need and so very important for your health.

As a nation we don't sleep and much of this can be put down to our twenty four seven daylight - artificial lighting has an awful lot to answer for. Cavemen wouldn't have been up partying until 2am, they slept when the daylight ended - in Winter. In Summer however they would have gone to bed later due to the longer days. Today, for our body's, every day is a summer day and it's quite frankly confusing us.


Because as mammals we are hard wired to store fat when exposed to long days and then to sleep (or at least starve) for a while. But we don't sleep and we don't starve either, certainly not for carbs. That's one of the reasons why we're fat and we're getting fatter as a nation. It's endless August!!

This all boils down to our circadian rythmns (sleep/wake cycle), and key to this rythmn is the hormone cortisol.

Basically: Light = Sunshine = Cortisol release = Daytime activities

If we follow our natural sleep/wake cycle cortisol decreases in the afternoon and we start winding down as the sun sets and should fall asleep by 10pm ish.

Ideally, to optimise your bodys physical repair cycle you need to be all tucked up by 10pm, 10.30pm at the latest. Yes I know, by the time you've got the kids to bed it's already 9pm so it doesn't leave much 'me time', and then sleep for eight hours (ha, ha with three kids I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep).

Mental repair happens between 2am and 6am, so good to get this in if you have any stresses or worries.

But guess what? - if you consume CRAP foods in the evening (caffeine/refined/alcohol/processed) this will stimulate your symathetic nervous system and trigger more cortisol to be released, so waking you up! Cortisol being the activating hormone thats released in response to stress.

Watching TV, using the computer, and doing tough exercise routines will all give the same response, so bang goes your flicking through the Sky channels until the wee hours!

Go to bed late after these activities and a few alcoholic drinks and you body's well out of synch for the night, and of course the following morning. Cortisol levels ,believe it or not, can be responsible for a lack of enthusiasm for breakfast time. And we all know how important breakfast is.

So do yourself (your mind and your body) a big, big favour and schedule in several early nights this week, and see how much better you feel for it. You will, I can guarantee it.

Here are some tips to get you in the mood for sleep : (anyone got any others which may be beneficial, please feel free to comment)

Plan a time for sleep and stick to it

Exercise gently in the evening

Switch off the TV well before bed time.

Ditto for computers (whoops I'm running out of time here...)

Take a warm bath

Avoid caffeine for 6 hours prior to bed

Eat right for your Metabolic Type - helps avoid blood sugar dips etc.

Sleep until sunlight (try a LUMIE alarm clock, this will wake you up gradually as it mimicks sunlight. Go to

Have a low bedroom temperature

Keep hydrated - drink lots of water and herbal teas

Don't take prescribed sleeping pills long term, they will have several side effects

Drink chamomile/valerian tea, both are relaxants

Try a meditation CD or relaxing music CD - I find this really helps!

Eat sleepy foods, foods containing tryptophan ie. bananas/turkey/milk

And above all RELAX! If you're all 'het up' when you get into bed you won't be able to drift off.

Whoops,I'm two minutes over, off I go!! Nite,nite.RX

TODAY'S TIP : Read LIGHTS OUT - Sleep, Sugar and Survival by T.S.Wiley. It's a great book, and makes everything crystal clear.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Ok it really is time for all the couch potatoes out there to get moving! No more putting it off, no more excuses, no more blaming lack of time etc. that's not going to wash anymore!

It's National Fitness Week this week and Mel B's headlining it, and wow how fab does she look!! Check out her new video if you do nothing else during this week. It's hard work but you'll get results (maybe not the same results as you would if you hired me but...........),that is if you don't mind her Yorkshire accent and the fact that she talks about getting sweaty alot.

Check out for more information. They're giving away free passes to Fitness First and all sorts. Have a look, it may be just the motivation you need in this cold and snowy month of February.

On the other hand if you're the kind of person who would benefit more from the personal, one to one approach, why not give me a call......... I have a vague yorkshire accent but promise not to talk about sweating!

Todays Tip : Get moving. You owe it to yourself.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I'm having a stressy time at the moment which has been going on for a while. A friend emailed me this poem the other day, as words of encouragement. It's lovely and I hope that if you need it, it will brighten your day too. RX

" Have Positive Thoughts and Always "Hang in There"

Difficulties arise in the lives of us all. What is most important is dealing with the hard times, coping with the changes, and getting through to the other side where the sun is shining just for YOU.

It takes a strong person to deal with tough times and difficult choices. But YOU are a strong person. It takes courage. But YOU possess the inner courage to see you through. It takes being an active participant in your life. But YOU are in the driver's seat, and you can determine the direction you want tomorrow to go in.

Hang in there.......And take care to see that YOU don't lose sight of the one thing that is constant, beautiful and true : Everything will be fine - and it will turn out that way because of the special kind of person you are.

So....Beginning today and lasting a lifetime through - hang in there, and don't be afraid to feel like the morning sun is shining.....just for YOU.

Collin McCarty