Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Symptoms V Cause

Today I'm going to blog about my beautiful cat, Poppy. A little off track you may think but hopefully all will become clear.

Poppys not been well for the last month; she's lacking vitality, her coats not as shiny, she's losing hair from her tummy and her eyes are full of gunk. Altogether not good.

So I took her to my local vets. She's fourteen ,so no spring chicken, but up until now has had nothing wrong with her. The vet examined her, concentrating on the areas I've just described and within minutes she diagnosed possible fleas (hence hair coming out) and possible reduction in the functioning of her tear ducts (hence gunky eyes). So I came away with some eye drops and some flea repellent.

Whilst I do try to keep an open mind on the conventional medicine approach, and appreciate that doctors and vets in this area serve a purpose I couldn't help but think that in this instance the vet was missing something.

She focussed entirely on the symptoms which Poppy had presented with, and that I'd described ,but what about the cause? And I do believe there is an underlying cause. I know my cat and sense that something is out of kilter big time. But,who am I to question a vet who has spent lots of years studying animals and their ailments?

I pondered over it for a few days and didn't actually use the drops or repellent but made an appointment with a holistic vet. I'm very lucky to have a practice down the road from my house.

We went today. The vet, another she, didn't even look at Poppy for twenty minutes but asked me questions about her history, her drinking, eating, sleeping, living habits and patterns, her behaviour and then looked at Poppy and her symptoms. After further probing questions, some of them a little off the wall - like does she have a cat friend(?) the vet diagnosed hormonal problems which basically are throwing her body out of balance and producing these symptoms.

Sounds likley to me, so I came away with some homeopathy to put in her mouth twice a day, and if this doesn't help I have to return in ten days. I'm happy with this, feel like the whole of Poppy was looked at and not just the parts that appear to be malfunctioning.

Homeopathy is not addictive, there are no dangerous side effects, it treats the whole person/animal and tackles the cause of the illness rather than supressing the symptoms.

I use homeopathy on my kids, Belladonna is great for bringing down fevers, which I believe is a better option than Calpol as their little livers don't have any chemicals to detox, and it's just a far more natural, holistic way to do things. Pulsatilla is also useful if they are starting to show general signs of being a little bit off balance, and arnica is great when they have a bump or a fall (it's a great distraction too, and can stop tears in an instant).There are many, many more remedies -I have a homeopathic first aid box at home and its very easy to use.

We also swear by a natural product called Sambucol for when they start to develop colds. Its main ingredient is propolis which is full of antioxidants, great for the immune system and can stop a cold in its tracks.

Propolis was originally recommended to me by my Japanese acupuncturist, who has never used conventional medicine in her life. It is a natural substance collected by honey bees from buds and trees.

Today's Tip : Each to their own, but please do your research - and if not use your gut instinct, it's mostly always right!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Where's My Energy Gone?!

Ever had days when you just can't drag yourself out of bed? You've lost your lust for life and would just like to curl up in front of the fire and watch movies?

Well, it's not all down to the time of year, although dark mornings and nights really don't help (I have a four year old who jumps on me at 6am so I have no choice but to get up!).

Below is a list of VITALITY ROBBERS, some or all of which you will be exposed to on a regular basis. Read it, think about it and next time you're feeling somewhat below par check the list again .Could it be one or more of these pesky things that are taking away your 'zing'?!

If you can identify the culprits then great, you're in a very strong position to do something about it - so do so as soon as possible.


Medical Drugs

White Sugars

CRAP foods (caffeine/refined/alcohol/processed)


Farming Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals

Chlorinated Water

Finanical Stress

Relationship Stress

Challenged Sex Life

Lack Of Movement

Lack Of Sunshine

Lack Of Mental Stimuli

Eating Incorrectly For Your Metabolic Type

Parasites In Your Gut

Lack Of Decent Sleep.............

.........there are many, many more but these are the most common and the most obvious.

Next time you're suffering with something like a migraine have a think. Have I been exposed to more chemicals than usual (new carpet/dry cleaning/house cleaners etc.), have I eaten CRAP food for days on end, are my sleep patterns all over the place, am I stressed??? Migraines and other such ailments are never a deficiency of pain killers - they are a symptom and therfore there is always a cause it's just a question of finding it.

Today's Tip : (repeated because it's important) Your health is a precious gift - look after it.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Excuses, Excuses

Winter is a great time for all those excuses not to exercise. I'm hearing stacks of them at the moment and they're not even original....."but I've got too much to do", "Work's manic", "the kids have so much on at school", "it's too cold", "it's too dark" etc. etc.

The big two = lack of time and lack of motivation!

Come on guys! For what may sound like the most shallow, but important reason to most,to exercise, is surely to look hot in your little black dress at all the Christmas parties you'll be going to over the next few weeks (men too, if you're that way inclined!).

On a more serious note, exercise, along with positive thinking (long live self help books) and a good healthy diet is THE WAY FORWARD.

How much do YOU value YOUR health?

As Gillian Mckeith says You ARE what you eat, but you ARE also how you think and you ARE also how much you move. If these three things are out of kilter your overall health will suffer.

Of course I'm not advocating that you don't let your hair down and have the odd glass of something alcoholic or eat the odd party nibble or mince pie with cream cause I definitely will be. But it's the old 80/20 rule again.

Back to exercise, movement is one of the secrets to life.The human body was designed to move in all sorts of functional ways, and to keep it flexible and mobile the government recommends we exercise for 30 minutes 5 x weekly - but hey guess what? millions of us are not doing it even twice a week let alone 5 times.

The thing about exercise is it shouldn't be a chore - if it is it stands to reason you won't stick to it, and that's where all the excuses come in.

It's all about finding what works for you, and once you find this you'll get a buzz from it, it will motivate you and so you'll want to go back and do more! Some of my clients moan when I present them with a programme they're not sure of, or they think will be too hard, but afterwards when they get the 'exercise high' they're thanking me for it.

You need to find a way to get your exercise high. Go on, there's something out there for everyone whether it's squash, cycling, weight training, brisk walking, sky diving,skiing,sex,dancing,running - why not make 2009 your year for trying something new, you never know you may just love it!

Once you've found it, schedule it into your diary as you would a work meeting, dentist appointment or parents evening at school - actually it's far more important than all of those things as your health depends upon it, and if you look at it that way it's a MUST.

Today's top tip : 5 minutes exercise a day is a great start - no excuses! and do it in the morning because as the day goes on it's easy to find excuses as to why you can't do it!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Blog Link

Check out http://graspideas.blogspot.com.

Not many dads take their kids to the school my children go to,so the ones that do stand out. Ian definitely does, as does his blog for its total uniqueness!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Carb Overload

Just been to Scotland for the weekend for a family wedding do, and spent two nights in a hotel - one of the cheaper ones that throw breakfast in for nowt..............and now I know why.

Being a protein type (see earlier blog on Metabolic Typing)I like to have bacon or at least some eggs or other protein source, to start my day and fill me up til lunchtime. No such luck in this hotel!

There WAS a major choice of food at the self service breakfast area - of carbs, carbs or more carbs. There were carbs at every turn, croissants, white bread rolls, white sliced bread to toast yourself, (there were some vaguely brown looking slices too), white bagels, fruit juices, tinned grapefruit segments, and every type of cereal imaginable in those lovely little boxes that shout 'I'm gonna taste yum' to my kids.

And ALL of it hugely refined/processed, so full of 'nasties' like sugar of some type or another, and more than likely hydrogenated fats and lots of other additives and preservatives. Just what our bodys need to start the day on a blood sugar high, to then crash and burn half an hour to an hour later when the energys been all used up.

Obviously, if carbs are what make you tick (Carb types thrive on them) then to breakfast on them is ideal for you, but still NOT refined. I had to settle for vaguely brown toast, with honey and a mashed very ripe banana, not much protein in that then! And guess what, I was light headed and starving pretty soon after.

The saving grace was that they do have herbal and fruit teas...........and I had three very happy (if hungry soon after) kids!

Today's Tip : If in doubt take your own food!

Friday, 5 December 2008


I haven't written a post for ages it seems, as I've had major problems with my internet connection. All completely above my head, I just press the buttons and hope for the best so had to get a technical 'bod' in to sort it!

Anyway, in the meantime I've been back to my holistic dentist for more mercury filling removal BUT this time ITV were there and they filmed the whole thing for a programme they're making to go out in America in the new year.

How exciting! I'm going to be a star - even if I was wearing a hair net, covered in a gown, had tinted blue shades on and a nose piece covering my face !!! Beggars can't be choosers can they?

Actually it was all prearranged and I met up with the 'crew' first and a chap called Moreland interviewed me on camera about why I'd decided to take the brave (or crazy, some might say?!) decision to have the removal done in the first place.

They then filmed the whole procedure, which I have to say was a little wierd, whilst chatting to John Roberts (dentist) about his views on the health benefits of white fillings versus mercury.

As last time, the protocol was followed and the TV guys all had to don what looked like gas masks so as not to inhale any of the mercury vapours. Nasty, nasty stuff - and yet the official organisations both here and in the states say it's perfectly safe and healthy to have it in our mouths. I ,for one, am very glad it's coming out of mine! Two quarters done now, only two more appointments to go.

John used an anaesthetic again with no preservatives and no adrenaline which makes for a speedy 'recovery to normal feeling' within an hour of the treatment. Amazing, as with previous dentists I can remember feeling numb and sore for days afterwards.

The programme is due to go out in January in America, and they'll send me a copy on DVD. I may even put it up on here depending........

By the way, not health related, or maybe it is.....did anyone happen to see Britney Spears 'live' on X Factor last week? How dare she mime on what is a 100% live show? and wearing such a ridiculously ill fitting outfit.Poor girl, needs to get some new advisors!