Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I went to see Flashdance at the Grand Theatre in Leeds last night, wow what a show! It was lively, sexy, funny, full of amazing talent, and overall a great nights entertainment.

It also rekindled my love of Pole Dancing - this featured fairly heavily and the girls who were dancing were awesome.

I've had a pole in my lounge for over a year now after having lessons the year before - not only is it a great talking point for visitors but it is truly great exercise. And so much harder than it looks.

There are classes springing up in lots of gyms around the country and are well worth trying for the following reasons:

They're fun, sexy and enjoyable.

Sessions on the pole work the whole body from head to toe.

A session can boost metabolism as much any other resistance class.

Pole dancing is a top exercise for improving:

- core stability
- back strength
- upper body strength (this is a biggy, it's dead hard on your arms and shoulders!)
- flexibility
- co-ordination

Don't think strip joints anymore (although I'm sure they're still popular in them) think main stream, healthy, fun exercise with attitude.

I loved my lessons, and loved my workout this morning in my lounge, after last nights theatre trip reminder, and feel great now. My whole body feels like it's been 'worked' and I love that feeling.

Take care when you're starting out - and don't use oils on the pole! I had a lesson after someone with oil on their legs which left the pole greasy, and slipped doing a handstand and damaged a rotator cuff muscle, ouch! But in the main have had the most fun with this different form of exercise.

My children love pretending to be firemen, so it provides fun for them too! And last year at the Vitality Show (Olympia end of March this year- worth a visit) there were guys having a go. They were covered in bruises which shows how tough it is( and the skimpy shorts weren't the most attractive thing I've seen on a man but...).

Today's Tip : Variation is the key to sticking to exercise!

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