Friday, 15 May 2009


Ok guys, open your minds - because some of you may read this and think my mind has left the planet and gone to live with the fairies.

Yesterday, I had a challenge to face. Someone let me down, and I got annoyed. Really annoyed, and do you know what, it affected me for a long time - well an hour or so anyway. My body felt tense, my shoulders were close to my ears, my breathing rate and my heart rate increased and I felt generally pretty uncomfortable with myself.

And then I sat and thought about what had happened and tried to look at it from their perspective. It was my choice to feel angry by what had happened; I really don't believe it was their intention to try to make me angry or unhappy.

I sent them a message later, I reached out and explained how I'd felt after our encounter, and guess what? I immediately felt better, and they responded in a positive way too. Phew! I then went about my day feeling calmer and far more in touch with myself and my emotions.

Thoughts and emotions can be toxic. Particularly if they are allowed to be stored inside the body. Ideally they need to be released immediately, as if they accumulate they have such a strong influence on us that they can cause health problems. The mind and the body are strongly connected, more so than most of us realise on a day to day basis.

Negativity seems to be the way alot of people have become programmed. Listen when you speak to people today, and see what I mean. Try to rise above it, and don't be dragged down; you'll honestly feel much better if you try to stay positive. It's not always easy to see the good in everything, I'm as guilty as the next person for this but let's all give it a jolly good try today and the next day..........

I'm a believer in Angels. I have two who look after me, as we all do. They are with me always and if I remember to respect and believe and appreciate them, particularly through my thought processes I believe they and the universe will answer me and good things will happen.

On the flip side, constant negativity, anger etc. will be returned back to you by others if this is what you choose to give out.

Bit profound for a Friday, but hey yesterdays lesson hit me hard, and made me think deeply about what I want back from life. I love my life, and I am truely grateful for it.

How about you share your thoughts with me on this subject please?.

Today's Tip : have been teaching the kids this week to do one random act of kindness every day, and we share what each of us has managed to do at the end of each day. Yesterday Ben said one of his friends needed cheering up so he'd said a rude word behind the teachers back to make his friend laugh - perhaps a bit risky but it had the desired effect!!


leaneale said...

Hi Ruth,

We have a similar thing at home, things changed in our lives a few years ago which left us all feeling a little vunerable and displaced... We started with smiling at someone who looked like they needed it, turned out the first people we smiled at was each other, then randomly smiling at people we saw when out, on the way to school, doing the shopping. Random acts of kindness are wonderful, as are heart felt compliments and all the other little "stuff" that only takes a moment but can change someone's day.

I can't think of a negative word that i like to use or hear...but as good as life is, everyone has a bad day.

I view them like labour, its only a day!!

Take care, peace and happiness to you


Ruth said...

Leaneale, thankyou for your lovely comment. I totally agree and think if more of us smiled at each other the world would be a happier place.