Wednesday, 13 May 2009


My mate Ian came over last night. He sorts my soft tissue out after all the hard training I do (and the Spider stuff is well hard!). And in my line of work I sometimes don't warm up as much as I should so do I need abit of massage therapy on a regular basis.

I'm bigging up Ian today, because he's absolutley brilliant at what he does, and not just because he's a mate. I've told him if I ever win the lottery I'm going to employ him to work on me for at least three hours a day!

Last night he worked on my hip flexors.Bit sore at the time, lots of manipulations, lots of me having to move my body into wierd and wonderful positions, and boy did it make me sleep well. This morning I feel great and ready to work out with a full day of clients.

Ians business is called Smartwaytohealth and he works on postural correction, injury rehabilitation, and also maintenance work for those who choose to push their body's or just fancy a bit of rub down with his healing hands.

Contact him at or and/or follow him on Twitter at Smartway2health.

You won't be disappointed.

Thanks Ian, you're the best matey.RX

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