Sunday, 5 July 2009


A real quick blogpost today, full of bullet points - What Can You DO Today To Start You On A Healthier Track?

* Reduce the processed foods you eat and particularly microwave meals bought in little plastic tubs. Never microwave plastic pouches, Tupperware or other plastic containers. There is evidence to suggest that the plastic seep into the food and we in turn eat them. They are in the main, non nutrient foods in the first place anyway.

* Keep food in plastic out of the fridge also. Use glass, ceramic or stainless steel. This applies to milk bottles too - decant if you have to.

* Drink filtered water only. Have a water filter attached to your tap, or your fridge water supply, and use a filter kettle for your hot drinks.

* Eat 1-2 portions of brassica vegetables each day, this revs up the ability of the body to de-tox environmental chemicals - they include, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, collard greens, cabbage, sauerkraut and kale etc.

*Avoid CRAP foods (caffeine, refined, alcohol, processed) - those aisles in the supermarkets full of packets. Nasty.

* Cut trans fatty acids out of your diet - mostly found in foods found in the middle supermarket aisles, see above point. Again, nasty.

* Eat clean foods, organic where possible. Think hunter, gatherer. If not organic go for locally grown produce. Clean foods help your immune system 'army' to fight off any invading cancer causing free radicals.

* Follow a detox protocol which avoids filling the body full of chemicals - eat clean, drink clean, stop smoking, reduce alcohol, use natural, organic skincare products, and household cleaning products (you can smell the nasties in these a mile off), use skin brushing techniques prior to bathing,drink herbal teas rather than regular tea and coffee. This will all help reduce your overall toxic 'load' which will otherwise stockpile the rest of your life.

* Read Detoxify Or Die by Sherry Rogers, MD.

* Buy glass bottles to carry your drinking water around in.

* Help to spread the word to friends and family about the pervasive power of plastics to destroy health.

* Reduce the use of over the counter drugs and medicines to fight minor ailments, which will probably go away on their own given time (and if they don't look for a more natural cure that works on the cause and doesn't just suppress the symptoms). The liver has its work cut out to detox the combination of OTC drugs placing stresses on the body.Prevention is way better than cure - diet, exercise, stress reduction, hydration, positive thinking, good sleep.

*Move your body, that's what we were designed for. Sitting down for eight hours a day helps us store toxins, reduces muscle tissue efficiency, encourages an unhealthy immune system and basically enables the body to forget how it should work.

* Read Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek for excellent, detailed information on how to detox your world.

NB. Cancer is caused 95% by diet and environment - protect both of yours because your health is a gift to be cherished at all costs.

I really hope this is food for thought, and of use to ALL readers.

If you need further detail on any of the above bullet points, leave a comment and I'll elaborate.


PS. FREE RADICALS : basically immune system 'invaders'. They come in many shapes and sizes, there are bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as parasites amongst others, all out to reduce our line of defence. They are potentially dangerous chemicals which we can mine-sweep with good antioxidant nutrients. When they take hold we are in danger of dis-ease.

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