Monday, 27 July 2009


I'm about to go away for a couple of weeks on holiday with my family and the last thing I need (a, because it's my job and b, because I've worked hard at it) is to lose any of my fitness/muscle tone.

It's very easy when we go away from our normal existence to indulge and think "Oh what the hell"; but holidays are short lived and however enjoyable ,most of us will return a few weeks later, look in the mirror and wish we hadn't been couch or pool potatoes for the whole time.

Today's blog details a time saver workout that ANYONE can do ANYWHERE. It won't take up hours out of your family time, or deprive you of relaxing in the sunshine, and if you do it in the morning it's out of the way, and that box can be ticked.

I love to get up early and workout in the fresh air overlooking the sea. I find it hugely motivating and exhilarating to have a breathtaking view to look at whilst pushing my body out of its comfort zone.

Other than a pair of trainers there is NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED, and as much as I miss my punch bag, weights,bosu ball, stability ball, kettlebells,and all the other paraphenalia I have collected over the years to add variety to exercise, for two weeks I can manage perfectly well without it.

Skipping ropes require minimal room in the suitcase, and will provide an aerobic workout that'll tire you pretty quickly, and resistance bands too. Running and brisk walking are great to do anywhere and if you're lucky enough to be on a beach try volleyball, bat and ball, boule or anything that gets you up and moving. Swimming is a superb all over body exercise and a great cool down when you've had too much sun.

Back to the workout for today - this can be adapted to your personal fitness levels and ideally done every other day, with a run/swim/walk on the days in between. Work on the basis though, that anything is better than nothing!

Sets : x3 of each exercise
Reps : 10-15 of each exercise

Warm up for 5 minutes, a brisk walk is good, or marching on the spot.

Body Weight Squats
Forward lunges
Lying bridges
Push ups
Tricep dips
Side plank

Stretches to finish - important.

Remember : if you're somewhere hot you need to drink lots of water, and before you get thirsty. Also try to workout in the morning when it's cooler - and because you've done it for the day then! And ENJOY! Our bodys are made to move - yes really.

Good Luck and have a good holiday, I know I will. RX

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