Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I've been on Radio Leeds again today. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience but feel the need to blog as a result. Bearing in mind that this station has a heavy bias towards middle aged females upwards, the majority of the questions put to me this time and the last were about carrying weight around the middle and how to get rid of it.

No suprises here really, just take a look around you when you're out and about! Check out all the muffin tops, the bursting bellies, the rotund shapes (and actually its not just middle aged ladies). Terrible scenes really; we are a nation of increasing waistlines.

Is it any suprise when there is so much junk food on offer? It's so accessible, it's readily available and very, very cheap. It saves people time, it tastes great (if you like that kind of thing...........think I'm in the minority here) so why shouldn't we eat it all the time?

Because..............in the main it has very few nutrients in it for our bodys to use to stay healthy and give us the required amounts of energy we need to exist in a happy,healthy state.

Processed foods, foods that have been tampered with, are basically non-nutrients. Our bodys don't recognise them as foods but as they are filled with salty and sugary flavourings it stimulates something in us to want more, and more. Basically until some good nutrition comes along. And some bodys are waiting a very long time for this to happen!

So if you are interested in finding some shape again (because it IS there somewhere), and being able to wear what you want, to feel better about yourself, to have more energy,and to be healthier in the long run, here are some top tips :

Cut out the CRAP foods (caffeine,refined,alcohol and processed)

Drink lots of pure water and herbal teas

Reduce the amount of refined wheat products you consume

Reduce the amount of processed dairy foods you consume

Reduce, drastically, the amount of processed sugary products you consume- *massively important*

Exercise for 30 minutes 5 times a week - include some resistance and some interval training in this. Stick to it, make it a habit.

Get some good quality sleep each night (repair sleep = 10.30pm until 2am, physical repair, 2 until 6am mental repair)

Keep a food diary. This will highlight those biscuits you forget you've eaten or the fourth glass of wine you drank. Just keeps it all real.

Don't do thousands of abdominal crunches - THEY WILL NOT GIVE you A SIX PACK or any definition you require! You need to lower your overall body fat to have a defined stomach. Simple as.

Ok so there's some stuff to be going on with. Hope it helps. And by the way if you're intimidated by gyms, don't go - you can do all you need to do from home.
Call me.

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