Tuesday, 17 August 2010


This blog follows right on from the last TOXIC TUMMY one, which suggests we all need to have a greater awareness of the correlation between what we put in our mouths and the state of our overall health.

How many people suffer regularly from constipation, diarrhoea,excessive burping, excessive wind, bloating, indigestion,and general discomfort in the abdominal area? Irritable Bowel Syndrome (which kind of covers all of these symptoms) is one of the biggest reasons, in this country, for visiting the GP.

Consequently the over the counter medicine market for IBS relieving products is worth billions of pounds, and often are very ineffective and introduce unnecessary chemicals into an already congested system.

I was introduced to an amazing natural product earlier this year, by my acupuncturist - who recommends it for skin problems, and a friend who has a Forever Living Products business - she recommended drinking gel to soothe the gut (and most other areas of the body).

I have since become an avid user of Forevers range of ALOE VERA products, so much so that I now have my own business with them. The drinking gels have had a great impression on me and several members of my family.

Aloe Vera has been used as a medicine for centuries for both animals and humans. It has amazing health giving properties and can be used as a tonic to stay healthy as well as for specific issues.

It contains all eight of the essential amino acids we need, a multitude of vitamins and minerals and polysaccharides that play a big part in restoring and boosting the immune system (70% of which is found in the gut).

This amazing plant, of which the gel from the inner leaf is used to produce a wide range of products from face creams, to deodorants (without aluminium salts -google this, its a BIG deal) is :

- anti inflammatory
- anti- viral
- anti- fungal
- anti bacterial
- helps to soothe the digestive system from the mouth right to the rectum
- effectively helps to detoxify the gut
- acts at a cellular level to help heal and generate healthy tissue

So the drinking gel not only can help the wide and varied symptoms of IBS but can assist in helping ulcerative colitis and crohns disease amongst other diseases of the gut.

Taken daily (I take 30mls x 3times daily because this amount works for me) it helps to maintain good overall health and well being, and is a great tonic for energy.I know someone who adds it to water as an energy drink when cycling!

So if you do suffer from a toxic overloaded body you could benefit greatly from introducing aloe vera drinking gel into your diet - no chemicals, organically grown, no nasty additives, pesticides, herbicides etc. for your liver to have to detox, just a good, clean nutritious food.

For more details on how aloe vera can help you and your family - contact me through Balanced on face book for more info.
Look forward to being able to help you move towards greater health.

In health and happiness,

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