Wednesday, 18 August 2010


OK so we all lose out lust for life sometimes and struggle to see what we have and not what we haven't so to days blog on how to get back your ZING and quickly!

I love the Amercian fitness magazine OXYGEN who include motivational statements on the inside back cover each month, complete with an inspiring image of some description. One that really struck me is this:

" No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life".

How very true is this! But how often do we blame outside forces for what happens to us? Isn't it a damn sight easier, and makes us feel better if we can lay the blame at anyone elses feet other than our own.

So, first up on getting back your positivity is to take control of YOUR life, its the only one you've got so needs to be grabbed with both hands and worked on, constantly!

No point beating yourself up though - accept what's happening whatever it is and move on from it. Regrets are futile, they serve no purpose, better to take it as a learning curve. And shouldn't learning curves be lots of fun?!?!

I love Louise Hay when I'm feeling anything less than positive - shes an American teacher who has firmly established herself as a leader in the self help book/DVD/CD market.
I play her Feeling Fine Affirmations in the car to remind myself that I am worthy, that its OK to love myself just the way I am, that prosperity will come my way if I open my mind and heart and change the way my sub conscious mind thinks. This can take time but can really change the path of your life.

Playing loud funky music changes my mind set too and singing and dancing to it. My children love it when we all do this together and again it can really change the way you're viewing your life right now, and how accessible and simple is music!

Friends are worth their weight in gold to give you a boost in the right direction too - pick them carefully, you know which ones will help! I have a friend who's big into NLP, so he's fab to help change the deep rooted neural pathways we tend to use over and over and are not necessarily for our highest good.

I have a friend who's a corporate life coach, and she gets me to think outside of the box and break things down into manageable chunks; simple but effective.

I have another friend who like me is a CHEK holistic lifestyle coach - we're so on the same wave length its scary, and we can work together to help each other. Then I have other friends who are just great to chill out with.

Smells have the capacity to lift us too - I love the smells of coconut,cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, and marjoram, and also have a sage burning stick which I find cleanses my home so that I can think clearly.

Up there at the top for boosting positivity has to be exercise; choose the type to suit. You may like to run to clear your head, or lift heavy weights to sweat it out, or need the relaxation and calm of yoga or Pilate's. You can guarantee to feel better by the end of it, and done regularly the effects are cumulative.

Food and drink have an effect on moods too. Fill yourself full of processed junk and you're unlikely to feel at your best. Clean, healthy foods can have the opposite effect in energising us and lifting moods. Alcohol can make you go either way! One or two drinks can be pleasant relaxers, but over do it and black depression can set in! Be careful with this one!

Another OXYGEN positive affirmation is this " Believe in YOURSELF and ALL that you are". And remember you are SO worth it, whatever happening!

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