Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Raw For 30 Days Days 1 and 2

I've been experimenting with raw food over the last six months, and the main reason for this is because I've been listening to my body. I've been lucky enough to travel to NYC, Greece and Poland in the last six weeks and whilst it's been Amazing the food hasn't always been what I would normally eat. 

So I feel a little out of kilter, a little sluggish, a little full of 'stuff'... and that doesn't sit well with me. Hence the 30 days Raw experiment. I'm not saying I'm going raw full time, in fact I pretty much know I won't ; there are some foods at the moment I don't think I can live without forever... But I'm always up for a challenge. I know if nothing else, at the end of 30 days I'm going to be so full of CLEAN food, and that has to be a good thing! 

I made the mistake of thinking it would be easy just to switch to a fully raw diet, but here we are in the middle of day 2, and I'm feeling a bit stuck. Yesterday for day one, I literally ate juices and smoothies all day to kick start my system. I can make all sorts of variations of these in my sleep so no problem there. I was hungry last night but I'd cut my calorie intake dramatically and did weights and cycled. Bed by 9pm, and not a minute too soon. 

Today I've been to the supermarket, and started automatically reaching for the things I'd normally buy... lentils, mung beans - can't eat because they need cooking (unless they're sprouted apparently) , pro biotic organic yoghurt , I usually get sheeps yoghurt, but supermarket yoghurt is definitely not raw! Butter... Noooo I can't eat butter! I'm definitely sourcing raw butter. 

Bought some nuts, and a bit of fruit and veg .. Feeling a little despondent. In the end I went to M & S and bought a ready made salad; cucumber, carrot, and  lots of different lettuce leaves just because it felt like a 'treat'! I did make home made pesto to liven it up a bit. No pine nuts in Wetherby so I bought cashews, and whizzed them up in my Nutribullet with oil, garlic and basil. Very nice!!! 

I felt great after lunch, but craved something sweet. Thankfully I had a few small squares of my home made, home devised, blackberry coconut fudge. ALL RAW! Yeah! With a nettle tea that hit the spot. But I have no idea at this moment what I'm going to have to eat later. Yep I'm already thinking about tea ! 

To help me out I've downloaded an ebook by the smoothie Goddess  (no, not me although I'd like that title!) on how to transition to Raw in 21 days. That's my bedtime reading for the next week.

I'll crack it; I know I will. My mind is made up- 30 days 100% Raw.

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