Saturday, 31 January 2015

What's Your Thing?...

Following on from my last post ' What Will Matter', about finding your purpose, today's post offers a practical task to help you find yours. Our purpose in life always involves where our passion lies, what we enjoy doing more than anything else; what we love! Sounds easy but often we get so bogged down with the minusecia of every day life that we fail to be really aware of what our 'thing' is. 

Last Friday night I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Jillian Michaels, of The Biggest Loser fame, talk on stage for two and a half hours about exercise, motivation, empowerment, diet, lifestyle and finding your 'thing'. What is the one thing you are so fulfilled by doing that you are feel compelled to do it over and over. The thing that makes you feel great , the thing that releases feel good hormones. Do you even know? 

Often we end up in jobs we don't love but won't leave because ... well for lots of reasons, from fear of not finding anything else, because it's expected of you ,  to it just becoming so part of your daily routine that's it's engrained into your very being. How many people spend the majority of their working week doing a job they hate? 

I'm encouraging my children to find something they love and are hugely passionate about, that they love enough to do it every day, day in,day out, and so make it their work. The beauty of this is that it won't ever feel like work because it's your purpose. 

It's about questioning the 'rules'; most people live their lives on the status quo, the norm, but if this isn't serving you it's really ok to break these rules and follow your own path. If you're not being true to you, if what you do currently doesn't fulfil you it's very ok to move on; despite what others may say.

Your health, love and happiness is a choice, as is your destiny.

" Your responsibility is to contribute your best self to the world. Everyone is a miracle and has a reason to be here. Follow your truth". Jillian Michaels. 

So, if you've been telling yourself that 'one day' you will... Instead why not Take Action Now! Wherever you are in your life you are capable of changing, and being in the moment and not somewhere in the future (that, let's face it, probably won't happen if it's a day dream) . 

Living in the now is the way to find your passion, if you're truly present during each day you can appreciate where and what you like to do, and what feels like a chore. Obviously some things just have to be done, but wouldn't it be great to spend the bulk of your time doing something you love . It's that 80-20 rule again! 

So here's a game you can play with yourself to take notice of what you love- the hotter/colder game :

Set an alarm on your phone, to go off every hour on the hour for a whole day. When it goes off, whatever you're doing, STOP and be present and aware of how it makes you feel. Are you enjoying what you're doing, ie hot towards your purpose, or is it a chore ie colder towards your purpose. This is a great way to allow you to cultivate and grow the things that make you feel good. 

I've been playing this game with myself all week, and my two favourite things are 1) being in the kitchen playing about with healthy food, and adapting and creating delicious recipes that help people around me with their health, and 2) being outdoors in the fresh air, running, cycling, walking, just being out there feeling the wind, the sun, the rain, all weathers I'm happy with!! So figured if I go live in Australia, I could have my kitchen outside and I'll be as happy as can be!! 

Seriously though it's an interesting exercise, to open your eyes to how much of your time is spent doing the things you love. 

"If you have a WHY to live for you can cope with any how." Jillian Michaels. 

Have a great 'on purpose' day. 

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