Thursday, 23 October 2008

Diet pills ...................don't go there!

I heard something on the radio today about the dreaded pills to miraculously make you thin!

We seem to have turned into a nation needing a 'quick fix' for everything, and having spent years stuffing our faces with the most ridiculously unhealthy foods think that by popping some pills all this fatty tissue we've accumulated will just drop off.!

Naivety at its very best - not only do they not work, what about all the side effects that come with them?

These range from relatively minor, fatigue,headaches and a dry mouth to strokes and congestive heart failure . There are hundreds more. They're also pretty addictive.

My personal approach to losing weight is pretty simple; eat a balanced diet for your body type, keep your stress levels down (yep I agree sometimes easier said than done!) , sleep well, and get exercising.

Food wise, I follow the " If it grows eat it, if it doesn't grow don't eat it philosophy ie. meat,fish,vegetables,fruits and grains = good and chewy sweets, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated fats = bad,very bad.

It's all about bringing a little consciousness to whats going into your mouth (and ultimately your cells to keep you alive).

Take the time to think about what you're eating and watch for VERY clear signals - your body, your gut in particular, will tell you whether you made a good or bad choice in no uncertain terms.

If your tummy bloats, you get diarrhoea or heartburn don't reach for 'quick fix' pills look at your diet. Something you're eating is disliked by your body, so why not just make a note to avoid that food for a while?

Todays Tip : Your health is a gift, look after it.

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