Friday, 31 October 2008


.........the drug of choice! My choice anyway. I love it, love the way it makes me feel, love the way it makes my body look - that's why I love my job sooooooooooo much. I feel very fortunate in this, know lots of people who don't have a passion for their jobs. Sad - you only get one life, why spend it doing something you hate 40+ hours a week?!

Anyway, back to exercise. I've just completed a new programme for clients based primarily on the ideas of Tracey Anderson, she of Madonna and Gwyneths superb body fame.

I've been studying her work for months and she is quite frankly amazing. If you get chance to check out her dancing, it's very sensual, very sexy and so full of energy.

The challenge with my programme is to exhaust the larger muscles first, then use further 'moves' to get the smaller accessory muscles to kick in having the overall effect of tightening the whole body. The only equipment needed is a mat and some 3lb weights.It's really, really hard work and you'll feel it the next day in places you didn't know exist. I love that feeling (sorry to bore you but passion in my line of work IS a great thing!) .

It takes control, concentration, determination and a desire to change................not for the faint hearted. It also needs to be done several times a week along with cardio intervals. It's hard work and time consuming, but then nothing in life is free!

Tracey uses her dance routines as the cardio part, and boy is this hard work too. Sweating is a great thing for your body as it helps get rid of stored toxins and these routines definitely make you sweat (or perspire or glow ,whichever ). I'm inspired, having always wanted to be a member of Pans People right from when I was allowed to stay up to watch Top Of The Pops. So much so that I'm going to Ceroc lessons on a monday night starting next week. Will let you know how I get on!

This exercise combination has moved my body to a new level and I'm loving it. After three kids this is no mean feat and I intend to keep it this way. You too can achieve your dream me and I'll help you get there. But only do it if your head's in the game......

Todays Tip : Life is out there, go for it!

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