Sunday, 26 October 2008

Love Handles...........

...........midriff bulge,spare tyre, muffin top, belt overhang ,whatever you want to call it just look around you : they're everywhere! And it's really so not attractive.

But aside from being unattractive this fatty tissue around the middle of the body is not healthy. It increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and high blood pressure.

Cortisol, the stress hormone is one of the the big baddies here!

Cortisol is the 'fight or flight' hormone we needed to run away from danger long ago. It was produced and quickly dissipated when the danger passed. The fact that most people are now under some constant stress (competitive society/job insecurity/family pressures etc) means that cortisol is produced and remains at a high level in the body.

Ideally a quick increase in activity would get rid of it, but this constant stress means that fat and glucose (the form of extra energy) = STORED FAT.

If you are highly stressed I bet you're also craving carbohydrates big time, probably in the form of convenience foods. Not good, because refined carbs can contribute to making people fat, contrary to popular belief.

The reason it's your middle that gets particularly lardy is that its close to your liver where it can be quickly converted back to energy.

Called 'apple shaped' some people are also more predisposed to carry fat in this area - unfortunate but it's a fact. However, although you may be more predisposed to a podgy middle there are things you can do about it. So ...................what are you waiting for!

Top Tips for reducing belly fat :

Don't diet - reducing calories sends the body into starvation mode and it ultimately holds on to the fat for dear life.

Eat the right foods for you, little and often.

Avoid toxins - alcohol, caffeine, processed foods etc.

Eat lots of fresh food that grows.

Take refined carbs out of your diet - can't emphasise this enough.

Eat a mix of protein and carbs at each meal, even snacks - helps keep blood sugar levels even so preventing an insulin spike.

Take your time over your food, sit down and relax (ha! ha! that's a joke in our busy, busy society). Your digestive system will reward you.

Exercise - interval training and resistance (bodyweight/free weights/gym machines) are the most effective fat busters. But get very sweaty!

Take the stress out of your life (just like that!) - advice on how to do this coming soon.

Todays Tip : Strive for energy, enthusiasm and sparkling health!


lucy said...

this is all very well but can't we just have surgery. And in some peoples eyes love handles are sexy.

Paul said...

hi ruth,

i'm subscribing to this, keep them coming.


John Millward said...

Like your style, bossy boots! More...

Ruth said...

Yes, of course surgery is an option, if you want anaesthetic to mess up your system for years! Don't get me going on that subject.
And sexy ,yes, something to grab hold of ,yes, and if you're that attached to them eat curry, drink beer and lie on the sofa!

Ruth said...

But you know me being bossy gets results. And don't worry there's plenty more!