Friday, 5 December 2008


I haven't written a post for ages it seems, as I've had major problems with my internet connection. All completely above my head, I just press the buttons and hope for the best so had to get a technical 'bod' in to sort it!

Anyway, in the meantime I've been back to my holistic dentist for more mercury filling removal BUT this time ITV were there and they filmed the whole thing for a programme they're making to go out in America in the new year.

How exciting! I'm going to be a star - even if I was wearing a hair net, covered in a gown, had tinted blue shades on and a nose piece covering my face !!! Beggars can't be choosers can they?

Actually it was all prearranged and I met up with the 'crew' first and a chap called Moreland interviewed me on camera about why I'd decided to take the brave (or crazy, some might say?!) decision to have the removal done in the first place.

They then filmed the whole procedure, which I have to say was a little wierd, whilst chatting to John Roberts (dentist) about his views on the health benefits of white fillings versus mercury.

As last time, the protocol was followed and the TV guys all had to don what looked like gas masks so as not to inhale any of the mercury vapours. Nasty, nasty stuff - and yet the official organisations both here and in the states say it's perfectly safe and healthy to have it in our mouths. I ,for one, am very glad it's coming out of mine! Two quarters done now, only two more appointments to go.

John used an anaesthetic again with no preservatives and no adrenaline which makes for a speedy 'recovery to normal feeling' within an hour of the treatment. Amazing, as with previous dentists I can remember feeling numb and sore for days afterwards.

The programme is due to go out in January in America, and they'll send me a copy on DVD. I may even put it up on here depending........

By the way, not health related, or maybe it is.....did anyone happen to see Britney Spears 'live' on X Factor last week? How dare she mime on what is a 100% live show? and wearing such a ridiculously ill fitting outfit.Poor girl, needs to get some new advisors!


Paul said...

i totally disagree about x-factor!

Every programme is geared in such a way to obtain maximum money. The judges are not saying what they really think of the acts. All they say is throughly rehearsed. The singers are live, yes, but the production of the programme is carefully planned to obtain maximum drama, money and viewers. Every word, every interruption, every intonation is perfectly coreographed. This exists simply, because they can do it or not do it, and the public will think the same. Hence, the show is really fake and unfair.

In a year where the biggest ever fake production ( Barack Obama ) .. multi-millions spent on his image and presentation and speeches ... It's nice to see him being overtaken by Britney as the #1 famous person in the world, someone who can inspire others simply to dance and sing.

In addition, obama's fake image was inspiring people to be the perfect, seamless, impossible human. Britney on the other hand has done more to highlight mental illness than, perhaps anyone. If I have kids I won't want them to want to have power over everyone, and be some super-perfect person, I want to teach them that just to dance and sing is enough. Or mime haha.

lucy said...
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lucy said...

Cannot believe you deleted only me, that's sooo unfair!