Sunday, 7 December 2008

Carb Overload

Just been to Scotland for the weekend for a family wedding do, and spent two nights in a hotel - one of the cheaper ones that throw breakfast in for nowt..............and now I know why.

Being a protein type (see earlier blog on Metabolic Typing)I like to have bacon or at least some eggs or other protein source, to start my day and fill me up til lunchtime. No such luck in this hotel!

There WAS a major choice of food at the self service breakfast area - of carbs, carbs or more carbs. There were carbs at every turn, croissants, white bread rolls, white sliced bread to toast yourself, (there were some vaguely brown looking slices too), white bagels, fruit juices, tinned grapefruit segments, and every type of cereal imaginable in those lovely little boxes that shout 'I'm gonna taste yum' to my kids.

And ALL of it hugely refined/processed, so full of 'nasties' like sugar of some type or another, and more than likely hydrogenated fats and lots of other additives and preservatives. Just what our bodys need to start the day on a blood sugar high, to then crash and burn half an hour to an hour later when the energys been all used up.

Obviously, if carbs are what make you tick (Carb types thrive on them) then to breakfast on them is ideal for you, but still NOT refined. I had to settle for vaguely brown toast, with honey and a mashed very ripe banana, not much protein in that then! And guess what, I was light headed and starving pretty soon after.

The saving grace was that they do have herbal and fruit teas...........and I had three very happy (if hungry soon after) kids!

Today's Tip : If in doubt take your own food!


lucy said...

Food snob... I look forward to you deleting this comment once you have read it and found it in some way intimidating or challenging to your beliefs. I cannot believe you even cook your food, surely that would be the truly natural order of things.

lucy said...

And I imagine you will delete this comment too, just for good measure like all the others. Even though it challenges nothing only highlights the fact you choose to censor me.