Monday, 1 July 2013

Hot hot hot

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Hot Yoga a couple of weeks ago by a couple of friends who have been doing it a few weeks longer than me. I've heard about it but never managed to find a class 'up north'. They've always been hundreds of mikes away, so I jumped at the chance and have to say I LOVE IT!! 

Despite looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards by the end of the hours session, and dripping wet! (Not felt like this since being in Las Vegas humidity years ago)  I feel energised, way more supple and flexible than when I went in, and also really calm inside. I've always been an adrenaline rush chaser, until my health challenges made me re look at my exercise regime, and yoga fits in just right where it needs to.

Sophie, our instructor is gorgeous, tall, statuesque and very calming - I felt welcome and part of the group within minutes. The room was heated up very quickly with several infra red heater mostly situated on the ceiling. I felt the need to go and open a window at first, almost feeling claustrophobic; but I resisted!  Don't think it would have gone down too well! 

Just wanted to blog today after researching a little bit about the benefits of Hot Yoga, and why it came about and to really recommend to anyone who wants to improve their mind and body at the same time.

Sweating is obviously great for getting rid of toxins, as the skin is the body's biggest organ. Heavy sweating is said to flush the toxins from the skin. Sure we can all do with a bit of this!

Flexibility and Suppleness  
Hot Yoga warms up the muscles quickly and safely and really does allow you to go deeper into postures than you normally would. I was amazed during out two hour session on Saturday that I could get into a 'crab' position that I don't think I've been able to do since I was about fourteen!! I also find that if I do normal yoga in the morning I'm usually a little stiff from my nights sleep. Not so with Hot Yoga!

Heart Rate
The heat of the room increases the heart rate, making the body work harder, to get some intensity, which is what I love. I need to feel I've really worked out after an hours exercise session, whatever it is, and that's what I found so difficult to achieve when I gave up the adrenaline rush stuff. Hot yoga meets my needs in a non-cortisol infusing way.

At the same time as raising the heart rate Hot Yoga produces an overall feeling of relaxation and calmness. With my type A personality I so need to come down to earth regularly and this really hits the spot.

I found it great for totally focussing the mind. Abit like meditation , but for me even better. I had fewer random thoughts popping into my head! 

Sophie reminds us all the way through to take liquids on board, and now provides flannels for discreet mopping of the brow, and other such areas!!! I drank several litres of water on Saturday afternoon, after a mornings session. 

Sophie's sessions are at GOYOGA at Hornbeam Park, Harrogate. 

I'll be back on Tuesday; can't wait.

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