Monday, 29 July 2013

On My Soapbox...

I've just been down to my local Sainsburys with my children to get some food for their packed lunches tomorrow; I'm taking them to Whitby for the day with some friends. I always read labels on food and most of the time it drives the children crazy! They go"mum, why do you have to do that. Why can't we just eat what we like". And so follows a long explanation as to why they shouldn't eat most of the ingredients in processed food boxes, packets, jars, bars etc. 

Tonight was no exception, we finally settled on a packet of crisps that are actually made of potato and have only another four ingredients. That took a while! Then at the till they spotted a box of Mr Kipling Bakewell Slices , so to justify my answer "no" I read the back of the packet. Unbelievable!!! Under ingredients there was a list which filled half the box - over 35 ingredients it apparently takes to make this famous 'exceedingly good cake'.Reading through the list I spotted over five different sugars, all of which are very refined, plus several flavourings which I had never heard of, plus wheat, soya and every other conceivable allergy producing food out there..

I came home, checked out the Mr Kipling website and all of their products contain similar numbers of ingredients. I'm astounded, I can bake a cake with four ingredients, none of which are harmful to health; all of which are in fact health giving. I emailed Mr Kipling, much to Nats horror ( he's changing his name!) to ask why on earth they need so much rubbish In their products, and that I hope they are happy contributing to the terrible state of the nations health. Lets wait and see what their response is, I'm sure it'll be pretty standard. I felt better for sending it anyway. 

I'll stick to my Sweet Enough baking, staying clear of nasty, toxic sugars, refined flours, vegetable oils, and unpronounceable flavourings because I love my body too much to pollute it with this refined rubbish, with literally No natural ingredients. Where's my soapbox??!!

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