Monday, 7 October 2013

Pre Diabetes- Happy Monday Here's To A Healthier Week

A scary concept but there are so many of us in the UK who are already pre - diabetic.  One of my son Ben's friends told me yesterday that he'd had his blood sugar levels tested at the doctors (his mum took him because he eats so many sweets)  and has been told at the age of thirteen that he is pre-diabetic! OMG! 

The estimated number of people in the uk that are pre-diabetic is 7 million, and how many of them are children? So many teenagers and younger kids too seem to think it's ok to drink a 2 litre bottle of coke a day,  or some other fizzy drink not realising (or not caring?) that they contain bucket loads of refined sugar. And then there are all the sweets, chocolates, and crisps. My belief is that there should be way more taught in schools on nutrition, like there is about smoking now. All three of my children are totally anti smoking because they've had it drilled into them at school that it's a deadly habit to start. The thing is , eating too much sugar and other processed foods is just as toxic as smoking. Really. 

The definition of pre diabetes , by the way, is a metabolic condition and globally growing problem that is closely tied to diabetes. If undiagnosed or untreated it develops into type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes, in case anyone is unsure , is the presence of higher than normal blood glucose levels. It has many symptoms and they are not at all pleasant.

The great thing is that these 'conditions', or diseases, can be reversed. Entirely. And this can be done through diet.

There was a study done in America recently, where they took a group of adults with diabetes (type 1 and type 2) to a remote place and changed their diets for 30 days. Almost all of them had their diabetes reversed with the right nutrition and exercise.

Ok, it may be a hard habit to break, but taking processed foods out of the diet can change the health body and mind enormously. We are what we eat, or more accurately we are what we absorb. So if the diet consists of crisps, white bread, refined cereals, chocolate, takeaways and fizzy drinks it's highly likely that eventually dis-ease will occur in the body. It's not rocket science to see how this can happen! 

The NHS is currently being drained treating people with health issues that are avoidable. It's a choice for all of us what we put into our mouths and each day we need to be mindful of what we are eating and drinking. If we make bad choices each and every day the results, at some stage, will be cumulative , and not good...

Wouldn't it be better to eat fresh simple food, organic meats, fish , fruits, vegetables , seeds, nuts and unrefined grains at least eighty per cent of the time, and restrict the other 'stuff' , that we all love so much, to just twenty per cent of the time. It's easy once you get the hang of it, and it takes just 28 days to create  a habit that can last a lifetime. 

Short blog to today.. But, big subject! If we all make one change a week to move towards greater health and vitality , and take our health into our own hands we can make massive change. Don't leave your health to chance, and then expect the medical profession to provide you with a quick fix to get you over it, or through it. They may not be able to.

My six week programme "Six Weeks To A Healthier You" is now up and running. A one to one programme looks at diet, lifestyle, shopping habits, recipes and cooking, exercise, stress levels, sleep and circadian rhythms... You will be amazed at the results you can achieve in just six weeks. Contact me for details on FB or on 0777 2613786.

Have a fabulous Monday, and rest of week. 

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