Friday, 29 November 2013

On the right path....

I'm waking up in the night at the moment, between 3 -4am, thinking about my Dad, and other thoughts come and go, and can overwhelm me quite quickly with negativity if I'm not careful. It's a scary time the middle of the night if you let it be...

This morning at 4am, I got really cross with myself. There is nothing wrong with my life, so why go down the negative path; why let negative thoughts dominate. I'm healthy (I think), I live in a nice house, I have three beautiful children, two gorgeous black cats, a supportive partner AND ex husband ( how many people have that?! Lol! ) A mum who lives close and helps me with the kids so I can have abit of freedom, and I live in a fab part of the world .I love what I do, I want to do more of it. I know my purpose - it may have taken me a while to find it, but I have, that's the main thing.

So, this morning I thought positive thoughts, and I'm blogging in detail the things in my life that make me happy, bit random some of them, and I hope you're still reading! You're probably thinking why am I interested in what makes her happy! My point is that we ALL have something to be grateful for, every day, however small and this needs to be our focus. Sometimes it's about training your brain to 'go down the right path', the one that leads to contentment and not the one that leads to unhappiness, blame, frustration and lots of other negative emotions. 

Here goes:

Waking up in the night with a new healthy recipe idea

Snuggling in bed with Nat and Lauren in the morning when it's dark and cold outside 

My black cats, Minx and Elle, jumping on me the minute I sit down

Watching Hawaii 5 0 under the duvet on the settee with Ben and John

Walking Millie, the most beautiful golden retriever, on the Ings, the most beautiful place in Wetherby especially first thing, with my mum, the most fab mum in the world

Smelling fresh air

Spritzing my home with home made aromatherapy sprays 

The smell of wood burning in my stove and lying in front with the door open for maximum heat

Having a lazy day with John watching DVDs, eating nice food, drinking nice wine, and having lots of fab closeness

Having cups of peppermint tea with girlfriends and putting the world to rights

Grabbing a quick glass of wine in the Muse with my bestest male friend, Jonny Smith - he's so wise


Body brushing- love that tingling feeling

Really hot baths, large mug of peppermint tea, and a fab book

Listening to Lauren talking about her cousin Noah, and seeing her face light up

Seeing Noah, and his mum, my lovely cousin Ali, who's always so happy and positive 

Listening to 80's music- especially with Andrew and Paul, two lovely happy friends 

Chasing Lauren and Nat up the stairs and hearing their giggles

Laughing at Nats hilarious antics- he should be on the stage

Johns enveloping cuddles and telling me everything's going to alright when I start to go down the wrong path 

My mum.... For never giving up on me when I was a challenging teenager

Jumping on my trampette

Doing hot yoga

Watching Ben interact with all his beautiful friends who turn the house into a youth club, a privilege to witness 

Cooking beautiful healthy food

My morning juice

My digestive specialist Emma Lane - the most amazing holistic health 'specialist on the planet

Covering my body in oils and lotions (organic of course) after a bath. Or any time...

Being massaged

Having acupuncture with the amazing Mrs Urqhart, I love needles. They hurt but it works

Jenny Kaye - chakra balancer extraordinaire 

White flowers , lilies and roses

Glossy unnecessary magazines

Sneaking in an episode of Doctors during the day

People /things that make me laugh

Crisp white bedding from The White Company 

The odd treat from Hotel Chocolat, dark of course

Positive feedback to my recipes

Meeting new like minded people 

Facebook for helping with the above

Learning to let things that don't matter go

Wandering round the shops on a week day 

Reconnecting with old friends

Climbing mountains with John and eating pub lunches afterwards and feeling like I deserve it

Having weekends away

Taking the kids on new adventures and seeing things through their eyes

Massaging my kids beautiful skin

Wow! If you're still reading I can't believe I came up with so much good stuff! And I could go on... So really I never need to go down the negative path..... I AM SO GRATEFUL  for my life. If you ever hear me moaning , ever, please just tell me to shut up.

Would love to hear what makes you feel happy and grateful.

Have a superb day.

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