Sunday, 3 November 2013

Butter V Margarine? Happy Monday.. Here's To A Healthier You

The other day on Radio 2 the topics of conversation was Butter V Margarine, which one is the better one for us consumers. I pricked up my ears to hear the debate, this should be interesting, I thought. I had a very strong opinion already but just wanted it validated. My mum taught me from a young age that because butter is self limiting (ie you couldn't realistically eat a whole block in one go) it's absolutely fine to be part of the diet.

Well, Radio 2 had enlisted 2 'experts' each with very different views. I listened closely to what they both had to say, and also some members of the public who phoned in (who had serious health issues)  and quite frankly by the end of the programme was very confused, and had I not had my own opinion already would have been non the wiser.

However, having believed my mum all my life, and then had her opinion substantiated by various health courses I have attended, and research I've done, I'm sticking to butter and these are the many and varied reasons why :

We have eaten butter for thousands of years ... It's even mentioned in the bible (not that I'm religious but..) , not the same story for margarine! Lol! 

Butter comes from cows! Yes.. Really. My recommendation to clients  is to eat food that has had a mother or grown in the ground (top quality only obviously), so butter fits with this! RAW butter  from organic, grass fed cows produces a food containing many vitamins, minerals and fats needed for a healthy body. Avoid non organic however, as you get pesticides, hormones and antibiotics which non organic cows consume. 

Vitamins A, D, E and K, the fat soluble ones are found in RAW organic butter, and beta carotene, and selenium , all in an easy to digest form.

It also provides short and medium chain fatty acids that help support the immune system and boost metabolism; and we use it for 'quick energy' . Butter also has anti microbial properties. 

Butter contains lauric acid, I've only recently found this out, which can help with fungal infections and candida. 

It's also a source of conjugated linoleic acid , CLA, an immunity booster, potent anti cancer agent, and muscle builder. 

I could go on and on, there is so much to say about this stuff that's really good!! If you're not yet convinced please go to and and read about it in more detail. I'm sure you'll be convinced to include RAW organic butter in your diet.

Now for a little bit on margarine... 
Don't touch it with a barge pole! It's synthetic, manufactured originally in a science lab, fully processed, made commercially to 'be cheap', tastes lousy, looks fake, contains trans fats, and highly processed vegetable  oils. Oh and it's low fat! We need fat in our diets for goodness sake, our brains can't function without it for starters. The fat we eat just needs to be good fat, it's really not that difficult to get your head it?! 

I've found a great website called, they sell ORGANIC. RAW dairy - milk, butter, cream, yoghurt. They do a great 'taster pack' which is really reasonable. 
Hope that helps.

Happy Monday.. here's to a healthier week.

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