Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Guest Blog Post - Ian Mulrooney

I'm delighted to introduce Ian Mulrooney as my guest blogger this week. I've known Ian for over thirty years (OMG really?!) and we re-connected many years ago, via social media. He was just in the process of changing his career, and he's now progressed to being one of the most knowledgeable sports injury therapists in the area. I love him getting his hands on me!! And so does my son Ben. 

You can find Ian at smartway2fitness.co.uk, and on FB - smartway2fitness.

So, here he is : 

1. Tell us how you got into this field? 

I am a sports injury specialist, structural integrator and neural/visceral body worker! Are you any the wiser? I got into this after meeting a magical lady..Janet Lech, on a train one morning whilst commuting to my previous job! After chatting I went for a treatment and thought why didn't anyone treat me in the same way when I was injured in the 80's! I quite like the sound of this.. I was a little bored and stagnant in my job, so I thought I'd look at training as a Sports Injury Therapist. I did this with Active Health and completed my Advanced Level 5 Diploma. I now work with that lady; she's very special!

2. Can you explain how you help clients to improve their health and well being? 

It all depends on the person. I work with them to resolve issues that they may have, highlighting the impact on their body, lifestyle changes, movement changes, nutritional advice, referrals, prefab, rehab, and looking at the problem causing the injury.

3. What are your top three health and lifestyle tips? 

Eat less and move more
Eat as much home grown, or locally grown food
Look after your body with good fuel (food), exercise, and bodywork!

4. How do you start your day?

I always start my day with a shower, quick meditation, and then if it's a Tuesday or Thursday I have blueberries, strawberries, grapes, apple, yoghurt, seeds, nuts, honey, cinnamon and porridge made with Raw milk. If it's Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I may have a run to start the day. Saturday is either a social bike ride with friends, or a lazy morning with the grand kids. Sunday is cycling, with coffee and a cake stop! 

5. What is currently in your fridge? 

A lot of everything, it's Christmas. I pride myself on having such things as Raw unpasteurised milk and butter, fruit, vegetables, and organically sourced meat.

6. What is your guilty food pleasure? Go on, tell us, you must have one! 

Wine, chocolate and cake! The cake I enjoy when I'm out cycling at quality caf├ęs around Yorkshire!

7. How do you keep yourself fit? 

I like to cycle , run and walk! Also, I ensure I have bodywork every month.

8. What is your biggest daily challenge? The one thing that could pull you off course if you let it? 

Not sure I have one, if I'm honest I'd say patients.... they are all challenging, and I learn more from everyone!

9. Describe how you relax? 
I like to cycle , run, walk and read

10. If you had three wishes, that would help our planet, what would they be? 

Have dedicated cycle routes - to reduce obesity, pollution, and improve the health of the nation. 
Stop the population of the world increasing so quickly, we are a virus that is consuming  too much of the natural resource.
Be kind to each other with more hugs!!

Please go to Ian's Facebook page at smartway2fitness, and his website smartway2fitness.co.uk for more information, and to make an appointment. I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed. 

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Thankyou, here's to a healthy week.


Gilly Payne said...

As inspirational as ever! And I can vouch for the fact the he likes his cake stops mid bike ride! I have been educated!

Gilly Payne said...

As inspirational as ever & I can vouch for the cake stops! Its been an education!