Friday, 7 March 2014

Do these things .... Daily!

Today's blog originally started as a thought from reading a book on adrenal fatigue. I'm nearly out of the woods, but every now and again still have a 'blip' where I need to rest, take stock and always go back to the book Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L Wilson. To be honest it's a great book for all to read, as it offers the best advice for stressy, busy people... And doesn't that cover most of us??

Please don't stop reading .... This blog is not just for/about adrenal fatigue sufferers, it's for everyone living and breathing on this wonderful planet of ours....

This morning I started with warm lemon water, but still felt a little dehydrated. After consulting the book I've had two glasses of water with sea salt and a piece of lime- this helps to rehydrate (dehydration is a common symptom for all of us, but particularly people with adrenal fatigue. Don't try rehydrating with sports drinks, they're usually high in potassium and low in sodium , which is the opposite of what most of us need.

The book gives some great straight forward, simple, easy to follow advice for everyone..Adrenal fatigue is very rarely diagnosed by medics, but the following list of symptoms may mean your adrenals are being challenged to a certain extent, and I believe this is everyone at some stage in our lives :

difficulty getting up in the morning (err well that's most people isn't it?!) , 

feeling fatigued even after sleep, 

craving salty foods, 

feeling drained of energy, 

feeling like even small jobs are too much for you, 

not wanting to get it on in the bedroom, 

constant road rage, 

smoking too much, 


compulsive eating, 

yelling at your kids all the time, 

taking longer to shake off viruses,

feeling light headed when you stand up quickly,

feeling abit depressed but not able to work out why,

feeling a bit down, not laughing enough, not much interests you

bad PMS - wanting to kill your partner!, bloated , tired, crabby, cramping, cravings...,

feeling rubbish if you don't eat enough,

fuzzy thoughts, 'brain fog',

forgetting  things, 

getting quickly irritated, by people and things,

sensitive  to loud noise (this is me... still, even the tv being turned up too high),

getting second wind at 10pm, having been ready for bed mid afternoon, 

not feeling like you're achieving as much as you had to

So, to help with any of the above, the following things to do each day can be selected,  as many as you can do or want to do, or have the inclination to do .

 I dip in and out depending on how I'm feeling but it's worth revisiting the list, or picking just one or two to do each week until they become a habit.

Here goes :

Use salt in food and drink, but proper sea salt or Himalayan, not refined 
Look for things that make you laugh!
Be in bed by 10pm - this takes some doing for me!
Sleep until 9am whenever you realistically can
Be grateful for at least three things daily - I have an attitude of gratitude reminder on my phone at 6pm each day, and share this with my kids
Eat lots and lots of coloured vegetables, but especially green
Drink juice (80% veg, 20% fruit) 
Learn which foods make you feel bad - keep a food diary/mood diary
Move your body daily
Breathe properly - if you don't know how,learn
Do yoga
Meditate, even for ten minutes a day- I do it before I get out of bed, and use an app called Headspace on my phone
Make your lifestyle a healing one
Get rid of your energy robbers - those things/people that drain you. Make a list of things that serve you and things that don't and start to release the ones that don't 
Believe you are healthy
Do something you love every day
Chew your food well
Laugh a lot
Take the responsibility of your health into your own hands, it's not the doctors job ! 
Have acupuncture - it helps your body to heal itself, no pills required
Keep a journal
Make lifestyle changes that will move you to greater health
Make your own food, from scratch - if you can't, learn
Avoid CRAP foods 80% of the time
Drink herbal teas, reduce regular tea and coffee
Reduce alcohol intake 
Eat whole foods as nature intended 
Have a regular body massage
Bathe regularly in bicarbonate of soda/Epsom salts and lavender oil - heaven! 
Get outside in the fresh air every day
Go barefoot on grass or sand to ground you, whenever possible
Her your chakras balanced - Jenny Kaye in Harrogate is amazing
Massage your feet with oils - this stimulates reflexology points, and can help with pain relief
Surround yourself with what you love - candles, and flowers are my thing
Stroke pets - my two beautiful black cats, Elle and Minx do wonders for me when I'm having a bad day

And lastly .... Visit me for health coaching!!

Hope this has been helpful.
Enjoy your day. Rx

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