Thursday, 13 March 2014

Eat what you like, just make it yourself

If you had all the time in the world I wouldn't say "eat what you like, just make it yourself", but I know your time is as limited as mine, so it's safe to say.

What I'm getting at is, if you allow a big company to make your meals, you lose control over what  goes into it. The chances are it will be full of lots of fat, sugar and salt. These three ingredients are cheap, filling, and they increase the 'craveability' of food. So that's great for them because you want to eat more. 

It's way quicker to nip to the supermarket and buy a ready meal, or call at a takeaway on the way home from a busy day at work, and pick up dinner that you can eat there and then, or at least within minutes of heating it up in the microwave (don't get me started on those nasty, nutrient zapping machines). 

But you're putting your health in the hands of a big food corporation who , quite frankly, couldn't give a toss about you or your family. If they did they'd only use the finest ingredients, they wouldn't use chemically derived substitutes for real food, they wouldn't use ingredients that your body doesn't recognise and so harbours in your fat cells, and they wouldn't need to hide behind fancy packaging. 

They make their products taste so good they know you'll be back for more, and quickly. 

Let's take chips for example . To buy them takes seconds, and they're so more-ish they're gone in minutes. If you make them yourself though, you have to buy the potatoes, wash them, cut them up, cover them in oil and cook them. Time consuming and faffy, even if the result is that they taste great. So they're self regulating... Chances are you  don't have the time to make them every day. The same goes for cakes, biscuits, doughnuts etc. There are not many people who could be bothered to make these foods from scratch. But when you buy them you can eat them by the bucket load, and they're as cheap as chips!! 

If you want to take your health into your own hands the best way is to buy fresh food and cook it yourself from scratch. Cake , chips and doughnuts, within reason, made with quality ingredients will do you no harm if they are made and eaten 'sometimes'. 

A friend of mine told me he made KFC at home using a recipe he found on the internet. I googled it, it's simple, uses real ingredients and with organic chicken makes an amazing meal. Who needs bargain buckets? Why not try to make a 'fast food' meal at home. See how great it tastes, even though it's time consuming. Listen to you body afterwards and I think you'll be rewarded- no bloating, no gas, no feeling stuffed, no IBS, no reflux, just a satisfied gut. 

Food for thought... You really can eat what you like, if you make it at home , with quality ingredients . Buy good quality meat,fish, sea salt, local organic produce, and avoid highly processed sugars and carbohydrates.. Oh and heaps of fruit and veggies. 

Health is the new wealth. 
Have fun!

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