Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Listen to your body...

Hey there! 

Yep I'm talking to you! Since you were born I've been here, trying to get your attention in all sorts of ways. Sometimes I can,  sometimes you seem to want to ignore me and just do your own thing.

I've been sending you message after message in all different guises, in the hope that one of them may get through and you'll listen to what I'm saying and act upon it.

The thing is, you live inside of me, and have done since your conception, and you're growing and maturing all the time but I'm writing this because I'm hoping it will do the trick and you will at last take notice of me . 

I'm a little upset you see. I don't like some of the things you do to me and need to let you know. I get hurt by them , literally, and can't just take it without creating some kind of fuss. You make these strange decisions, over and over, with no regard for me. I do my best for you every minute of every day, and am very seldom rewarded for it. 

You fill me up with the strangest of substances, sometimes way too much, but it's more the content I'm worried about. You see when you eat lots of sugar, and refined carbohydrates, cheap nasty fats, and salts, I have to deal with it. When you pour alcohol down your throat with gay abandon I'm the one that has to bail you out! 

It's all getting too much and if you carry on I feel I'm going to be overpowered and the consequences of that are .... well, disastrous. I need nutritious food, I need fresh stuff, I need balanced food full of vitamins and minerals that I can work with, that I recognise. Some of the stuff you give me, I have to harbour in strange places because I don't know how to digest them . I just can't do it; it's not in my make up, and I can only adapt so far.

The other thing is I was built to move, and move frequently. I wasn't designed to sit behind a desk or a car steering wheel for hours at a time. If you let me I'll suprise you with my skills, really I can walk, run, jump, skip, swim and all sorts if you'll just give me the chance. It hurts me to sit around and not be active. I get all stiff and sore, and some parts of me have to overcompensate for other bits of me that don't work so well. Then I end up walking all funny, and it doesn't feel right.

The important thing to realise is that you can't replace ME , you only ever get one of ME, and so taking care of ME, should be your number one priority. It seems you'd rather be doing other things, and that perhaps I've become an after thought. But please, please, please, I am where you have to live. You can move house as often as you like and call it home but I'm your permanent home. You can't live without me.

So please, spare a thought for me and what I'm going through when you don't take care of me.....simple changes are all that's needed and you can begin today.

You can't carry on the way things are. 

With Love

Your Body

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