Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Silky Smooth Skin

Given  my long term digestive challenges, it's not surprising my skin has suffered. They say your skin reflects what's going on ,on the inside.... well all I can say is, I've come a very long way! 

I've always loved lotions and potions, and over the years have taken great pleasure in buying the latest face creams, sold along with an anti ageing miracle we all know will never come true. I've used Clarins, I've used Body Shop, I've  used Clinique, Estée Lauder, Creme De La Mere even... And I honestly don't think any of them made a difference that was positive. 

I've finally come to my senses; no more chemically enhanced beauty products for me. I need simple, I need cost effective , and although I use some branded products I'm liking the idea of using the products I eat, to put on my skin. This way I get a double whammy - feeding my skin from the inside out, and the outside in..

I've been hugely inspired by David Wolfes book Eating For Beauty... So many tips too many to mention. I highly recommend the book! 

So, a couple of days ago I set about making an all over  moisturiser using three ingredients ; yes, you read that right, just THREE ingredients. Try looking on the side of bought products, not only is there a long list of ingredients but half of them I can guarantee you won't be able to pronounce, let alone have heard of.

The first ingredient is Raw cacao butter ( the same I use in Raw chocolate so you can imagine the smell...). I melted it in Bain Marie style, gently until runny.

The next ingredient is coconut oil, again a lovely smell, and a product I use every day in meal preparation; and the third one is cold pressed organic olive oil- I use this in food lots 

Mix these three ingredients up well  and then place in the freezer for a little while until they begin to set, approx 20 minutes.

Using a food processor, I use a kitchen aid, whizz up the mixture, until really creamy! Taste it, it's yum! 
And store in a jar... It will keep for months.. 

My children were all treated to a leg massage with this moisturiser, and loved the feel,   loved the smell, and loved the silky smooth feel of their skin afterwards.

An all round winner. Next time I'll experiment with putting essential oils in it..

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