Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wetherby's Pilates Lady...

Today's guest blogger is non other than the Pilates Lady of Wetherby... Lindsey Jackson. 

Lindsey and I met when we both lived on Raby Park ,in Wetherby, and our children Sam and Lauren were in the same class all the way through primary school (also both little brain boxes, always coming joint top in tests etc.) . We realised we both come from a background of wanting to give our body's and mind the respect they deserve, with nourishment through food and drink, through movement, and through positive thinking... Lindsey is often better at the latter than I am! She is an eternal optimist! 

She's answered the regular blog questions I pose to people, and I'm sure you'll be really interested to read her replies. Thank you Lindsey - I was looking for the photo of us drinking champagne at the Year 6 leavers party, but thought maybe it wouldn't be appropriate... not that we do that very often (may dig it out if I can!)

1. Tell us how you got into this field of work? 

I've always had a deep feeling inside that it's not fair if people don't have their health. That life is for living to the full - so we can contribute to others. But I guess I moved away from the NHS (where people are treated after becoming ill) to Pilates, and my Forever business, because I'd rather shut the door before the horse bolts. I want people to experience energy, vitality and movement. I do what I do because I can at least help people with this skill.

2. Can you explain how you help your clients to improve their health and well being? 

I always start with the person in front of me. By teaching individuals and groups in my Pilates I hope to help them improve their flexibility, get stronger, and counteract poor postural habits we all get into with our more sedentary lifestyle . Most of us sit too much, me included. My Forever business allows me to support those who want great nourishment and strong immune systems ...starting with a healthy gut. 

3. What are your top three health and lifestyle tips?

Remove packaged food from your diet. Move (in whatever ways you can ). Find something that really matters to you to do in life and do it with all your heart, with belief and passion.

4. How do you start your day? 

Aloe, hot water, and supplements... Then if I'm not teaching I run Max (labradoodle and oodles of fun) or I take the boys to school, teach and then crack on with building the business. I'd like to say I meditate every morning, but it usually ends up being on the hoof or an evening thing.

5. What's currently in your fridge ? 

Blimey, a mish mash of : salad, veg, homemade carrot soup, cheese, rice milk, smoked salmon, ginger, garlic, wasabi paste( love it on sushi) , home made chutney from last year, sugar free jam.. Give you an idea? 

6. What is your guilty food pleasure, go on tell us, you must have one? 

Early Grey Redbush. Addicted! But when I'm tired/need comfort I grate Willy's Venezeulan Black 100% cacao into rice milk and heat it to make a filling hot chocolate. Hemp milk good too, but rice milk sweeter. My other guilty pleasure is Jane Nichols raw chocolate cheesecake . Quite often eat that when no ones looking!  Oh, and your chocolate, courgette buns if you've made any, I could eat three or four of those. 

7. How do you keep yourself fit? 

Run the dog, walk everywhere I can, use my Pilates reformer abit, teach classes, occasionally go to a class at the gym... But generally it takes up too much time. I'm afraid I have to have functional fitness these days. I'd love to get to more classes. Yoga especially! 

8. What is your biggest daily challenge? The one thing that can pull you off course if you let it? 

A feeling of panic, when by mid day I've still not achieved much...and my list is so long it's unrealistic. I'm a dreadful optimist about what I can achieve in a day/hour/minute!

9. How do you relax? a film...meditate. Enjoying Deepak Chopras free 21 day mediation challenge just now. 

10. If you had three wishes that would help the planet, what would they be? 

That we live from love and not fear. That we get back to food in its natural state. That we find ways to reduce our energy use. 

Thanks so much Lindsey ! 

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