Monday, 9 February 2015

Energy- It's Everything

I'm posting today because I'm so grateful I wanted to share it.. I'm giving big thanks for where my life is right now compared to where it was just a few years ago. 

This morning I've taken my children to school, walked Millie, the dog my mum looks after, at the Ings- one of my favourite places in the world, bumped into two lovely friends and chatted, done some washing, researched some recipes, rebounded for half an hour outside in the sunshine (#savemyknees) , and had lunch outside too, with my beautiful black pussy cats. Perfect start to the week! 

It's easy to take it for granted when you can leap (well maybe get) out of bed each morning and do all that you need to do in your day. I'll never take it for granted again, as a few years ago I  couldn't get out of bed, my body, mind and spirit were so fatigued that everything was an effort. My energy had upped and left... 

I was suffering with adrenal fatigue; after years of pushing myself day in, day out, eating badly, drinking abit too much, stressing over everything, running around after my three children, not resting or sleeping properly, and my body decided I needed to listen to the subtle messages it had been giving me, that I'd ignored. 

I had zero energy, and it's taken a change in my thinking, and my lifestyle to get it back to anywhere near normal. Even now I have to be careful to monitor how I use and abuse my energy. Too much abusing it and I have to pull back, rest, and look after me. 

Using energy in the right way is so important- eating good, nutritious food, drinking the right fluids (water/herbal tea) , exercising, getting fresh air, being in the now, dealing with stress in the right way, resting, and sleeping well for 6-8 hours a night. If you have more of this going on in your life than stress, lack of exercise, a poor diet, little or poor quality sleep, living in your head, too much coffee and other stimulants , worrying.... then  you'll have all the energy you need. If not maybe it's time to re-evaluate your life, before you have no choice. 

Just keeping a diary of how you're using and abusing your energy is a great start. It'll highlight the parts you need to change for sure. 

Make those changes now, little by little is my advice. Adrenal and chronic fatigue are rapidly becoming really common modern day 'diseases' because of our fast pace living. It's really ok to stop and smell the roses sometimes. In fact it's a necessity. 

Have a great energised day. 

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