Sunday, 22 February 2015

Take Just Half An Hour

Don't know about you but mornings in our house can be fractious affairs. Three children needing to get ready, eat breakfast and out for school means fun and games .

 All talking/shouting/asking questions at once like "where's my games kit mum", "where's my book,I need it first period", "there's  no shampoo left", "mum I need £2.50 for my trip".. and it goes on. I've tried changing my name; it didn't work. I've tried hiding; that didn't work either. 

Then there's breakfast to be made, Nat's lunchbox to be prepared, showers to be had, clothes to put on, teeth cleaning...
And all before 8.15 in the morning. 

By the time I've dropped them all off at school (I know they should walk, but realistically this happens three times a month) I feel like I've done a days work, and literally the first time I've taken a conscious breath since waking up. 

I then have to put the house back together before I can actually start my work (the Only downside of working from home). 

That was before I discovered my Daily Power Half Hour. It's Me Time Extraordinaire, and I love it. It sets me up for my day with a positive mindset ,and I can help my children start theirs the same way, it means I can put everything into perspective, it means there is way less shouting! Result. 

All I have to do is get out of bed half an hour early, before 'they' do. Yes I know this is the hard part (and sometimes the urge to roll over gets the better of me, but that 80/20 rule is there for a reason I find), but believe me it's so worth it. 

I snuggle into my fluffy White Company bath robe (the only one worth having I find) and put the hood up. The hood bit is crucial because I can kid myself I've not really fully woken up), and potter down to the lounge. 

Here I dim the lights, put out my yoga mat, and put on some soothing music. If I'm mega organised I'll do this the night before. I light candles and joss sticks to clear the energy in the room and I'm ready to begin. 

For the next half an hour I'll do yoga flow style Energy exercises*,  creating space inside, activating my parasympathetic nervous system- the body's brakes,  loving and being kind to me. I'll also do meditative breathing exercises. It all works. I feel energised. I feel chilled, and this doesn't come natural to me. Now, in this relaxed but vital state I can move mountains; well I can at least be effective and on task in assisting my children where they need it. 

Over breakfast we often have time for a laugh and a joke, I'll treat them to some of my dance moves whilst they cringe, we listen to Lauren's latest playlist, Nat and Lauren will even do some colouring, and when we leave there's no bomb gone off in the kitchen. 

 After drop off, I get fresh air with my mum, walking Millie, still in my chilled state. Then My day can begin... 

If any of the chaotic morning state resonates with you, why not try a Power Half Hour just for you. It's comes highly recommended. 

Have a great day. 

*I learnt Energy Exercises and heaps more besides to create Energy balance within as part of the Energy For Life Wellness Coaching Course, with Caroline Shola Arewa. 
If you'd like to learn how to feel more energised, and use your energy in a great way, daily, contact me for more details. 

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