Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I've been for a visit to the dentist today - so what you may say, but hey! that's a major deal for me as I have the biggest phobia of dentists ever. Ask my mates and family; I've always been petrified of the invasion of my personal space 'thing', of the drilling noises and the burnt toast smell, of the suction that pulls at your tongue.... I could go on!

So it was a major decision for me to go and see Dr John Roberts at his Holistic Dental Practice in Huddersfield ,The Integrated Health Practice, to have my mercury fillings removed and replaced with white ones. This is not for cosmetic reasons might I add, but because I've become increasingly aware, despite the Dental Associations(both British and American) stating to the contrary, that mercury in our body is really not a good thing. This was compounded by a Heavy Metal Test I had on my body recently that highlighted mercury as one of the most prevelant in me.

In a nutshell (if you'd like to read about this subject further there are 212,000 sites on the dangers of mercury fillings) it can have a toxic effect on the body.

Vapours are thought to be released through chewing and tiny particles of mercury can end up in the strangest of places inside us, and do what they want when they get there. It, and other heavy metals, can cause all sorts of symptoms from depression to auto immune diseases. My biggest deciding factor to visit John was reading a book called Detoxify Or Die by an Amercian MD called Sherry A Rogers. All I'll say is it's the most frank and frightening read.

Anyway, back to John Roberts. What a top guy - open, warm, friendly, happy, welcoming and didn't mind answering my million and one questions. I have to say I have never had such a pleasant experience in a dentists chair, ever.

The procedure itself shows how seriously these guys take mercury.
I was given two chorella tablets to swallow, a precautionary measure as this is a herb which mercury binds to, inactivating it so it can pass safely out of my system.

We were all gowned up, and all wore plastic glasses and hair nets. He and his assistant wore masks closely resembling gas masks and I was fitted with breathing apparatus to avoid me inhaling any of the mercury fumes as the fillings were taken out. And the British Dental Association maintain that mercury is safe!!

John used a special drill which 'popped' the filling out in one piece to avoid fragments going down my throat, and I have to say it was over in minutes with no pain as I'd had an anaesthetic which was preservative and adrenalin free (of course).

I had a quarter of my mouth done today (yep have had lots of fillings in my time!) so one visit down, three to go! After the fourth John will go through a detox protocol with me should I have any particles floating around in my system from the whole procedure.

For more information on Johns Holistic Practice Email : info@holistic-dentistry.com.

Today's Top Tip : Follow your heart - if you believe strongly about something just go for it!


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