Thursday, 29 January 2009


It's all very well moaning about your weight, and how tight your clothes are and how uncomfortable you feel, but if you're so bothered WHY don't you just do something about it?! Take the bull by the horns and make 2009 your year to get yourself in good shape.

Now, I could bang on and on about all the latest fitness fads, exercise DVDS (which seem to be flavour of the month at the mo - and some of them are actually pretty good,will review in next blog) etc. but 80% of how you get yourself in shape, I believe, is down to what you put into your mouth. Yes, you actually are what you eat - or more specifically you are what you digest.

Your body is unique, it uses food for fuel in a way that no other body does, so that's probably why you and your mate can go on the same diet and it'll work for one of you and not the other.

But it stands to reason that everyone who eats fast food, processed food, lots of alcohol and sweeties is not going to be too healthy.

METABOLIC TYPING offers you a way of eating that is exactly what you need to lose pounds, feel healthier, have more energy and fight all the nasty bugs that are going round right now.

And it's so simple to do - fill in an online questionnaire from me on your psychological, physiological and dietary traits and you'll be rewarded with a detailed food and drink list to follow for every meal. You'll be given help with this, guidelines on other factors ie. environmental that could be inhibiting you, and with some careful menu planning, shopping, and eating/drinking you'll get the success you deserve for life.

Today's Hot Tip : stop messing about with other diets - Metabolic Typing is the way forward. Try it and see, contact me at Talk to me!


John Millward said...

You could tell everyone how I lost 2 and a half stone!

It works!

Ruth said...

Oh yes, a massive success story using Metabolic Typing. John had been eating pretty much as a vegetarian, but came out as a Protein Type on the questionnaire. He increased his fish/meat/dairy and fats and reduced his (refined) carbs and with exercise lost a shed load of weight. Well done you! RX