Sunday, 4 January 2009

Spots and wobbly tummys!

A close friend and I were chatting on New Years Day and comparing our spot outbreaks and the fact that our tums are slightly more wobbly than they usually are (my six pack is usually my pride and joy!) - a result of over indulgence during the festive period. I'm sure it happens every Christmas to millions of people, but I for one am very unimpressed with myself!

So tomorrow is the start of me getting back to my normal eating regime (my friend started his today so is a day ahead of me, he text to say he'd eaten well and been cycling, and done some weights and felt much better).

I have kept up with my exercise, but have had so many meals cooked for me for the last two weeks (for which I'm grateful, honest) that I've been eating a long way away from my Metabolic Type.

But I have clients to work out with, and must feel and look the part to inspire and motivate so todays blog is about getting back on track and detoxing the body ready for the New Year.

Media coverage on detoxing has been huge today, with experts stating that there is no evidence that spending lots of money on spa type treatments work. Whilst I'm sure some are better than others and the placebo affect goes a long way, in the main I tend to agree (checked out senseaboutscience thanks Lucy, they're also covering this subject today).

By 'detoxing' I simply mean cleansing the body of toxins accumulated ie. CRAP foods, alcohol etc and there are some very simple ways to help this elimination process to happen in a gentle but effective way.

Here goes, take your pick from any combination:

- drink warm water and lemon on waking, it kicks starts your system

- dry skin body brushing, stimulates the lymph system and enhances the bodys natural detox processes, also removes dead skin cells making it easier to excrete waste through the skin

- drinking lots of pure unadulterated water to flush those toxins out

- sweating through high intensity exercise

- exfoliating, dead sea salts and olive oil make a great,cheap and effective one

- Milk Thistle supplement supports the liver

- nettle tea is recommended for cleansing

- breathing and exercise that stimulates lymphatic drainage ie. Psychocalisthenics (the lymphatic system doesn't have a 'pump' and relies on movement to help detoxify)

- lymphatic drainage massage is also highly effective and so very gentle I defy you not to fall asleep!

- avoiding trans fats (mainly found in processed foods ie. hydrogenated)

- eating 'clean foods' in general ie. avoiding anything from the middle aisles in the supermarket!)

- eat organic where possible and you can afford it

- reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners

- take a break from alcohol - it gives the liver extra work

- avoid caffeine - it also gives the liver extra work

- take a dairy and wheat break for a while, you may be amazed at how much better you feel (both of these foods are the most common food allergys)

- if you're brave have colonic irrigation - it's a little invasive and intrusive but can help get rid of toxins that have accumulated over years and years. Not for the faint hearted!

- coffee enemas are similar but can be administered by oneself at home. I was introduced to these during my CHEK studying and they are highly effective

- avoid pain killers - they can give the liver extra work

- eat liquorice, the pure kind (not allsorts!). It has diuretic and laxative properties to help flush the system

Hope that's plenty to be going on with. Anyone needing any motivational/goal setting assistance for 2009 give me a shout!

Today's Tip : New Year New You - be the best you can be! Give everything you do 100% commitment and remember you count.


lucy said...

I am glad you looked at Senseaboutscience! I feel it has all been worth it now.

Ruth said...

I still stand by what I blog about wholeheartedly but am open to other opinions. Sambucol works for my kids and propolis (on which sambucol is based) works for me, so I'll continue to take it. There is so much stuff out there;I offer opinions and recommendations but everybodys make up is different and what works for some will not work for others.
If you'd like to leave me your email address Lucy (obviously won't publish it) we can exchange in more detail than this comment section allows.Rx

krystynfaye said...

I really enjoy your tips Ruth! I'm a 23 year old medical student embarking on my own beginnings of a healthy lifestyle after torturing my body for the first few years of university! I'm trying desperately to find the psychocalisthenics exercise system. I know you can purchase it online- but it's just so expensive! Which resource did you use? Is there a cheaper way to access this supposedly brilliant program? Kristen