Tuesday, 6 January 2009


How fabulous would it be to eat and drink exactly what you like for six weeks and sod the consequences?!This was the basis for the ITV programme tonight starring Claire Sweeney as the guinea pig.

Well isn't that what alot of the great British public do every day of their lives anyway?! Isn't that why we're heading for a nation full of fat, blobby, unfit, obese, lazy couch potatoes (not that I'm fattist of course!)?

Claire was in good shape to start with, worked out regularly and looked the part due to a careful diet where she was able to eat half a chocolate from the box and put the other half back in the fridge! Even I can't do that.

But after six weeks of gorging on what looked like anything and everything she could get her hands on, she managed to pile on over two stone, increase her BMI by over three points and raise her blood pressure significantly.

She still looked great with her clothes on, albeit not tight ones, and the deep tan helped too. But in a bikini she looked at least three months pregnant. And we all know that carrying excess weight around the middle is bad for the heart (unless you are actually pregnant).

To be an actress in Hollywood she would have had to be several sizes smaller (Victoria Beckham size, and who wants to go there?) but rather than suggest she dieted they wanted to either cut it off or suck it out - far quicker and easier I guess but pretty horrific?!

Eating for ones Metabolic Type is the way forward, to control weight and increase energy and vitality - you can kick start your health regime and check out your type - you won't regret it. Give me a shout,there's no dieting, no weighing out of foods, no restricted portions, just good old fashioned regular meals with foods that work for YOUR body.

The only good thing about the Claire Sweeney thing, according to my friend who watched it with me was that her boobs grew several sizes...........typical man!

Today's Tip : Get yourself Metabolic Typed, you won't look back.

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