Thursday, 8 January 2009

Goal Setting

Last night I went to my regular Ceroc class - my God, you could hardly move in the hall for all the 'newcomers'. Why the sudden influx I wondered, then I realised....

Yep, it's the time of year when we all sit down and make New Years resolutions and exercise of some description usually features highly. Gyms take in record numbers in January and then lo and behold come February they're back to the die-hard members.

I've made a long GOALS I WANT TO ACHIEVE list, as I do every year and am determined to stick to it. But just to make a list isn't enough - it takes a good deal of thought, (some realism) and alot of planning and goal setting. Things don't just happen, we have to make them happen, not anyone else, WE are responsible.Our hearts and minds have to say a big YES.

That's what I say to clients who say to me that they'd like ME to get them fit. With the best will in the world I can help and advise them but THEY have to own the belief that this can happen.

They have to want it badly enough, they have to be able to see themselves in six months time the way they want to be and keep that picture vivid and clear. Not just the picture but everything else that goes with it, emotions play a big part - how will they feel, what will their confidence be like, what will their motivation be like, how will others react and how will this make them feel.

I come at it from the 'tough love' stance - getting fit takes hard work and there's no getting away from that. Anyone who thinks they can work out for an hour with me and get fit, and eat what they like are just kidding themselves. If we go through life moaning about everything and blaming things/people/weather etc. for the way our lives are, we're not taking responsibility. We have to say a big resounding 'YES' to the universe and get on with it!

And there's no such thing as a mistake, it;s just something we learn from if we get a little off track, and lets face it everyone does from time to time. Life is one big learning curve, and it'd be really dull if it wasn't so no beating yourself up if it's not going your way (or blaming others).

Keeping a journal, setting weekly goals and reviewing it at the end of each week is a good way to stay on track. If the goals have not been met, evaluate why, work out how you can get back on track, acknowledge whats happened and put it behind you and move on!

Everyone of us is different in the way we motivate ourselves, some people are 'go-getters' and very gung ho about it, others plod along at their own pace and some do it in fits and starts. Work out which one you are and play to your strengths, without comparing yourself to others.

Once you start achieving, it's a great motivator and will spur you on to do more. So, start small and gain satisfaction from small steps before trying to move mountains, that way disappointment will be minimal.

Lastly before I list publicly all my Goals for 2009 (so I HAVE to achieve them!) get yourself a goal buddy - someone you can get together with once a week and compare notes, spur each other on, compliment, motivate; a simple daily text can work wonders for self esteem.

Anway, now I'm going to bore you with my GOALS FOR 2009. Please let me hear yours in the comments section, I DARE YOU! that way we can spur each other on, and if you're reading my blog and not a follower, why not?!, the more the merrier! RX

Have my remaining amalgam fillings removed
Continue my digestive protocol programme until it's sorted
Go to Harrogate Spa Baths regularly for relaxation
Get my six pack back the way it was before Christmas! - urgent!
Exercise 6 days a week - hard, and vary it enormously
Be in bed by 10.30pm 4/5 nights a week
Use my Chi stick every day for 100 days to get my 'Gong'
Cycle 500km for charity, through Sri Lanka
Continue to have work done to heal my neck and heel
Have a massage once a fortnight
Listen to motivational CDs every night before sleep
Walk in the fresh air at least 4 x weekly
Reduce my sweet tooth!
Get good at Ceroc dancing by going 2x weekly whenever possible
Improve my Tracey Anderson Dance Moves
Complete the Wetherby to Filey bike ride again
Get good at pole dancing

Jump out of an aeroplane
Do charity bike ride through Sri Lanka
Go to aerial extreme
Complete the three peaks challenge again
Complete the circus skills day at CircusSpace in London
Do simulated skydiving at Xcape
Go skiing at Xcape at least 4x this year

Complete two day boxing course
Do Paul Cheks Equal But Not The Same correspondance course
Attend the Fitpro Convention in April
Read two articles from PT On The Net every day
Attend the NLP Skills update day in May
Continue to read motivational books - to start with - Susan Jeffers, Feel The Fear and Beyond

Complete my website so its superb
Send thankyous to clients
Create RUTHTV for Youtube and my blog
Write two blog posts for both blogs each week (other blog if you're interested

Expand my Metabolic Typing Business
Send press releases to local newspapers/magazines to promote me - done this today 12/01/09Aim to crack the corporate market with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
Do talks and seminars on what I do/offer
Sell related products
Attend an exercise to music course, and pass

Say thankyou to friends and family regularly
Be silly with my kids regularly
Be kind, no matter what happens - say YES to the universe
Meet good friends for coffee/lunch/dinner/walk/shop regularly
Be the best mum a kid could ask for - patient and tolerant (find some!!)
Spend time with the children on a one to one at least once a week
Get 'creative' with Lauren each week
Beat Benjy at boxing on the Wii!!
Get down to the kids level - alot
Visit my sister in Dumfermline at least twice this year
Visit my friends in Bath and Bournemouth at least once this year
Keep in touch with relations at least once a month
Keep up with old friends through Facebook
Read with the children individually at least 3x weekly
Help Nathaniel to ride his bike with no stabilisers
Keep in touch with my PT friends and swap notes

Earn £30k from personal training this year
Raise £3000 for charity (need to decide which one) for the Sri Lankan bike ride
Earn money through writing a book, at least one
Earn money selling fitness and nutritional products

Think thats enough to be going on with!RX


Paul said...

hi ruth,

nice to keep reading your blogs... You have loooads of goals lol... The sri lankan bike ride is an amazing challenge... when are you doing that?

none of my goals involve health and fitness but thats cos i'm happy with my progress lately, in both my mental and physical fitness.

My goals are:

Establish a weekly radio show.

Play some soccer ( first time in about 8 years! I'm terrible, but, well i love it, so thats the point)

Mix with the buddhist community and do some meditation ( please let me know if you are interested in this! )

Strongly promote the dangers of death by water intoxication

Start rapping, and record a rap song. ( crazy, i know )

Make more CDs from downloaded music to listen to on the train etc

Do more relaxing things

Keep in touch with less people, but spend more quality time with true friends

Give more care and love to the elderly ( this doesnt include you )

Ruth said...

Oooooh you are cheeky - will let the elderly comment go, because I like you! Fab goals, very diverse. Look forward to chatting to you about them on choo-choos day! RX