Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Honestly Healthy Cleanse day 1

Ok so I did day 1 yesterday; and here's  how it went! My kitchen looked like an organic farmers market (wish I'd taken a photo) just before I started preparing all my food yesterday morning. There were a few bits I couldn't get hold of but in the main I've followed the recipes exactly. Swapped some of the meals and snacks around though, just because that's what I fancied doing, but I'm guessing it won't have a detrimental effect over the whole 5 day cleanse.

My day began with warm water and lemon, this is my norm anyway. It wakes me up, kick starts my metabolism and generally makes me feel good to go! 

The Toxin Reducer cleansing juice followed. Again, I juice every day so no changes here, but if have to say I've never used fennel in a juice before. Juiced with cucumber, ginger, an apple and some lemon juice the overall taste was very clean. Verdict : I'll definitely make it again. 

Breakfast was American Style Buckwheat Pancakes. I wasn't convinced these we're going to work when I read the ingredients but they turned out perfect. I didn't have rice flour, so just used all buckwheat ; no problem. The result; they were yummy! I spread them with Goats yoghurt and cinnamon but would have preferred some berries (not recommended for the cleanse). 

Verdict : I would definitely make them again.

Lunch took a while to prepare so I was pretty hungry by the time it was ready; I'd usually have a mid morning snack, but it's not on the cleanse so I didn't! 

Falafel Wraps were awesome! I've never made falafel from scratch before, but now I'll never buy them again. So easy to make, full of delicious veggies and nuts and seeds, and the recipe actually makes way more than enough for two people. I had three falafel, lots of tomato salsa (one of my fave all time foods) , and drizzled over goats yoghurt with some fresh mint leaves. 

Verdict :  Seriously yummy! 

My day suddenly got really busy at 3pm and I forgot to photograph my afternoon snack, and evening meal! Duh! Also started with a migraine, don't think it's anything to do with this food, as I get one a month and it coincides with bizarre hormone fluctuations. 

Anyway, I made the Smoked Aubergine dip, and had crudités with it (didn't have time to make dehydrated crackers but they do sound good). I baked the Aubergine for 10 mins, chopped it up, put it in my Vitamix, with some lemon juice, olive oil and lots of garlic. Hey presto , a creamy dip in seconds. 

Verdict : Yes please! It made loads too, so I'm keeping it for another day.

Dinner was my least favourite food of the day, I have to say I was a little disappointed. Mixed vegetable and Soya Bean Hotpot. Lots of veggies : potatoes, peppers, carrots, pumpkin, courgettes all simmered in soya bean paste didn't really work for me. It was warming, which was the nicest thing but not really my bag. 

Verdict : wouldn't rush to make again.

Went to bed (with a worse headache than earlier) feeling like I'd definitely eaten enough... Looking forward to day two. 

Thanks Natasha (from Honestly Healthy ) for liking all my Instagram photos.


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