Thursday, 24 April 2014

Honestly Healthy Cleanse Day 2

Feeling great after yesterday's alkaline meals, up early this morning to begin again with some more! 

Hot water and lemon started the day, followed by another green drink- today's was The Ultimate Morning Wake Up smoothie. Verdict : Delicious!!! Mango, seeds, greens, super green powder and more. Mine was really thick, not sure if it was meant to be! It was like a meal in itself! 

Breakfast followed: Quinoa porridge with Macadamia nut milk. I made the milk myself in my new nut bag, it was so simple! Had goji berries with the porridge, and pomegranate (not had this for years, my gran used to give me a pin to pick out the seeds!) and felt satisfied all morning. 

Verdict : porridge has never been top of my breakfast list. This was good though, and the pomegranate added another dimension. Not sure I'd make it again though. 

Went for a long walk this morning with my mum and Millie , the golden retriever she looks after, and had plenty of energy! 

Lunch today was not something I ever would have picked - the combination of pear and fennel really didn't excite me at all. However, I'm determined to do these five days and stick to the HH recipes so I got stuck in and made it and ate it straight after. Verdict : It was amazing! It was so fresh, so creamy, so wholesome tasting, and the chunks of pear worked wonders in lifting the fennel to another level! I've frozen the rest and looking forward to more already. 
I put a pic on Instagram, and Natasha, from HH, commented that this is her 'fave'. It's rating pretty high on my list too! 

No pics for this afternoons snack - forgot again. Duh!!!! Hormonal brain very much in evidence this week. Anyway, suffice to say the spinach and hummus dip is the most vibrant green ever, and tastes like it's doing a power of good. I made the Raw Flax Seed Crackers to go with it, and started them off on the lowest temperature in the oven, but they appeared to be drying too quickly, so I tried to transfer them to the dehydrator. Not the best move; they were pretty stuck to the baking tray! Managed to get them off in bits, and once dehydrated the 'bits' tasted great, I just wouldn't be presenting them at a dinner party any time soon. 

Verdict : both tasted fab! No presentation prize for the crackers! 

Did PiYo this afternoon, hard core - with Melissa Mcallister. Lots of energy, still. 

Dinner: I gave John, my partner the book to make Watercress, roasted onion, and pistachio salad, with an oil dressing. Verdict : Simply delicious. 

So, day 2 over, thoroughly enjoyed it. Tummy not as flat as I feel it should be on such wholesome, fresh food, but that'll be my hormones again.... 

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