Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Honestly Healthy Cleanse - My Thoughts

I'm thrilled with my 5 day Honestly Healthy Cleanse, and so is my partner John. We planned, bought and prepared every meal we ate from scratch following Natasha's recipes, and there were only a couple I wouldn't rush to make again. In the main they were tasty, easy to make, nutritious beyond belief, and left us both with a 'clean' feeling.

Johns a big meat eater, and didn't miss it one bit! How amazing is that. He went to work with a spring in his step every morning after a juice and a breakfast, and his colleagues commented on the fabulous looking lunches he was eating in the the staff room each day.

My overriding favourite meal was the falafel wraps with tomato salsa! A massive success, and one I'll be making in bulk to freeze. 

This buckwheat granola is a fave too, I've had it several times since as we made loads, and it goes with any milk. Today I made cashew nut milk, and sprinkled some cinnamon on the top. Yum! 

The watercress, roasted onion and pistachio salad was yummy too - and the Aubergine dip absolutely delicious. So easy to make if you have a Vitamix! I thank the Angels every day for mine. They are expensive but worth the best investment. 

All the juices on the cleanse tasted great; I'm used to juicing but even if you're not I think you'll find them all very palatable. Not too heavy on the greens for beginners!! 

I'm now a fully fledge convert to fennel thanks to Honestly Healthy. It's never really appealed to me but having had it loads over the five days it's now going to be a regular addition to my diet.
Had to give my beautiful daughter Lauren a little slot in my blogpost, she helped with the juicing. She's asked lots of questions all week on the recipes, and even though she's not eaten everything we've had, it's raised awareness for her of how to keep balance in the body. Children are like sponges, and mine definitely learn best through getting involved! 

Overall I did I lose a few pounds, which wasn't the aim but is always a welcome side effect! I felt clean on the inside and out, and my energy levels were constant throughout the day, even though I'm used to eat two snacks a day. 

We're carrying on using the book, and loosely following the Lifestyle phase but really just picking out a recipe for each meal  for now. and we'll see how it goes. Tonight we're having mini pizzas, I'm taking the kids,  and my best mates dog to the woods after school so they'll be quick to make when we get back. Last night I also made the sweet potato brownies, OMG to die for!! Almost as good as the nutty ones in my first Ebook Bakes, Bites and Bars - available at www.amazon.uk. 

So  a big thanks to Natasha and Vicky for highlighting the importance of eating the alkaline way - sure we can all make some changes to bring our body more in balance, and this book makes it really easy to do.

Have a great day and if you just do one thing different today to move you towards greater healthy and vitality - JUICE!!! 


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