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I read another blog today by a Personal Trainer in London called Dax Moy (I've been subscribing to his 100 daily quotes for a while) on his Beliefs about the fitness industry, personal training, coaches and healthcare in general. A great post, really inspiring and highly recommended reading. He challenges others at the end to blog about their Beliefs too, so in a way for you to get to know me a little better, here goes..............

One of my Beliefs is that the best and most effective way to work with clients is to use the CHEK six daily modifiable foundation principles which are ; thoughts, breathing, drinking, eating, exercise and circadian rythmns.

First of all I Believe that all things in our lives happen for a reason, and rather than trying to blame others we should learn from things and move on. Blame, resentment, anger and bitterness have a habit of being held on to by the body and eventually manifesting themselves in illness or disease somewhere down the line.Negative thoughts can have a profound effect on the body and mind, causing cells to contract, and the thought to go through every cell in the body. This can be seen in body language if observed.

When words bring thoughts to consciousness ie. if you tell yourself you have fat thighs, this is what you're asking the body to create!

One of our most natural human functions and something we take for granted.Breathing is all too often shallow and from the upper chest. Ideally we should breathe from the diaphragm, the abdominals should go in and out and the shoulders relaxed. When we breathe correctly a great many health benefits will be achieved including less tension and stress in the neck and shoulders, more blood rich cells being oxygenated and sent around the body and a less stressed heart.

Being hydrated is fundamental to our existence but how many of us drink enough water to keep us hydrated enough to function optimally? We should be aiming for three litres a day of either pure fresh filtered or bottled (glass not plastic) or fruit or herbal teas. Take water with you everywhere,and sip it frequently. If you're feeling thirsty you're already on the way to being dehydrated.

One of the things I've already blogged about and is one of my true Beliefs is that we should be very conscious of what we put into our bodys, and give it the respect it deserves. Eat foods that grow (grains/vegetables/fruits/meat/fish/legumes) and if it doesn't grow don't eat it (hydrogenated fats/processed foods/confectionary).This is living as close as possible to how we ate thousands of years ago, how Mother Nature designed things, before the delights (?)of Coca Cola, Haribos and McDonalds came to the planet and took over.

Exercise and the other five CHEK principles are designed to improve energy and vitality. However if you're already stressed to high heaven its important to choose the right exercise for you. My Belief is that this is one of the key things about being a personal trainer, not just banging out any old programme for all clients. What works for one may definitely not work for another.And it must be fun, why would anyone want to come back for more if it's not!?
CHEK Zone exercises are a good way to allow us as fitness professionals to start clients out at their pace and their level to achieve their unique goals. No need for complicated gym equipment - less is more, and a superb programme can be put together using nothing more than body weight.

I Believe if you can get clients to get the 'exhilarating after exercise feeling' that they'll be hooked and come back for more. It's all about remembering THAT feeling.

When you wake and when you sleep can have a profound effect on your energy and vitality levels, and through Holistic Lifestyle Coaching I'm a big Believer in putting the time and effort in here for great results. Both physical and mental repair happens when we are asleep between specific times, so if we're not asleep then and we miss it it's gone for good until the next night. Lack of sleep is a great factor in holding on to weight for example and healing processes being prolonged.

I Believe we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves and whilst as fitness professionals we must walk the walk and live the lifestyle etc. we are only human, as are our clients and if we have a 'blip' every now and then it's cool. Tomorrow is always another day. I repeat this to clients regularly as it's all too easy to throw in the towel for good after a bad days eating or a weeks lack of exercise.

Having said that I Believe that clients have to be in the right mindset to help themselves and that whilst we can guide them and encourage them and motivate them ultimately the determination has to come from them.Their hearts have to say 'yes' to wanting to make change.If their personal goals are not met, after I've delivered my part of the bargain (and given them 100%), I Believe I am still a great Holistic Lifestyle Coach/Trainer/Nutrtitional Advisor!!

Passion is a big Belief of mine, and enthusiasm for life of which I have both in abundance (most days!) and that as free spirits we make our own fate. I believe little miracles are everywhere, as are the Angels who surround us.

I also Believe that we live in a society of 'quick fixes', everything has to be sorted immediately and this includes minor health issues which is why drug companies are making so much money. If you have a headache it is not a paracetamol deficiency.

If we were to look more closely at how we are living our lives, what we are eating and drinking and our stress levels we may find some answers there, rather than a quick trip to the chemist or doctors to get chemicals to fix us up, but ultimately increase the toxins our bodys have to then detox.
It's your choice but I'm a big Believer in trying food and complementary treatments first.

Hope some of this you can identify with. If you'd like to comment or share some of your own Beliefs please feel free to do so.

Today's Tip : If we love ourselves unconditionally we can be loving and accepting of others.

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