Thursday, 6 November 2008

Blog Followers

Fab, I have a 'follower' for my blog - thankyou Dizzychica1, whoever you are!

I've just clicked on the follower info and apparently it's a good thing to have them, and to display the follower 'widget' (all these technical terms!!) for all to see.

So, all you readers (I rate myself don't I?), get yourselves on my follower widget and lets spread the word. Health on all levels ,mind, body and spirit, is to be celebrated - big time, and I intend to keep wittering on about it.


lucy said...

it sounds all a bit evangelilcal this diet/exercise/typing and stuff. It's seems OK if you dont have to work for a living. Try working, and having kids a husband and a house to look after - there must be some way of having your cake and eating it????

Paul said...

maybe that question is a good subject for the next blog?


by the way, having your cake and eating it is very high-carb

lucy said...

Well if I have a cake I am bloody well eating it high carb or not!

Ruth said...

Yeah and having your cake and eating it is absolutely fine in moderation - try the 80/20 rule!

lucy said...

80% cake and 20% cream yum