Monday, 17 November 2008

RED BULL ..... Continued

My post on Red Bull seems to have caused a reaction amongst a few people, one in particular which is great! Bring it on.

I feel the need to go over some points, and in particular the 'poor research at best' comment.

I'm sticking by everything I wrote about this 'Energy' drink, and yes there are a great many other substances that cause health problems/risks and even death such as paracetamol, asparin, recreational drugs, alcohol, excess sugar, hyrogenated fats..........the list is endless , but I can only cover one thing at a time!

I singled out Red Bull as it came to my attention through my day to day observations - clients, friends, gym goers, party animals etc. that it's a major player in the drinks market and is quite possibly drunk to excess by more than a few people judging by the sales figures. And this doesn't appear to me to be a good thing.

Its ingredient combination is dodgy at best. Talk to any medical professional about the implications of high levels of caffeine, taurine, sugar (and if mixed with ..........alcohol too) and I'm convinced their reaction would not be to mix them, especially in high doses. And some countries are trying to ban Red Bull sales for this very reason.

(In addition, the mix of caffeine and carbs messes about with blood sugar big time, not good for glucose levels or insulin levels in the body - thought I'd mention it but this needs to be a blog post subject on its own really.)

There are over 2,250,000 sites when googled on the 'dangers of Red Bull' and whilst they cannot all be substantiated it makes for interesting reading.

The Red Bull website does indeed talk about drinking water with their product after exercise, thanks to the comment for pointing this out. It also states on the website and on the can itself that 'it has been specifically developed for times of increased mental and PHYSICAL exertion'. Make of that what you will but I would feel particularly irresponsible as a personal trainer in recommending this drink to MY clients.

I could go on, and I'm sure I'll incite further comments following this blog post, but want to finish by saying that I firmly believe (and I am entitled to publish my belief on my blog!) that it's not the food in your life that brings health but the life in your food that really counts.....................and Red Bull is well and truly DEAD.

Today's Tip : Stand by your beliefs!!!!!


lucy said...

That last paragraph is possibly the funniest thing I have read all week. Please more of this hilarious stuff - I will have to spread the word of this blog.

lucy said...

My god! I just just Googled "dangers of Red Bull" it would appear even "real" journalists at at this talking twaddle ook what the Metro free paper wrote...Mixing alcohol with energy drinks such as Red Bull creates a 'very dangerous cocktail' which is like 'mixing cocaine with heroin', a leading drugs expert has claimed. . . PLEASE!!!! No more I am on my knees with laughter at these ludicrous suggestions - how about as lethal as mixing a psycopath with a loaded AK47