Friday, 19 October 2012


Last night Lauren and Nat wanted to bake. They sat at the kitchen table pouring over recipe books and exclaiming over cakes, buns, biscuits all full of refined sugars and syrups.
Settling on ginger biscuits (thank goodness as it was already 7.15pm) we set about making them.
I don't have refined sugar in my kitchen as I never use it so we improvised abit and they were happy to mix up the biscuit dough together.
I'm discovering that there are so many ingredients that can be used instead of refined sugars and the taste they offer is just fabulous. If you have trained yourself over the years to have an extremely sweet tooth (as I did) it may take time to 'get' the new sweet taste. But believe me it's worth persevering!
Check these out- don't they look fabulous?

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